·2016 quality inspection law enforcement fake transcripts out of the car defect recalled 10 million vehicles

A few days ago, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine "sun" out of the 2016 law enforcement transcripts.
In 2016, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine focused on consumer products and maintained the high pressure of law enforcement. The four special actions have achieved remarkable results: First, focusing on the maintenance of consumer goods, focusing on children's products, household appliances, electronic products and food-related products, Check the sword" action. The second is to focus on energy conservation and environmental protection, focusing on tires, interiors, seats, brake linings, driving recorders and other products, to carry out the "quality inspection and sword" actions of automobiles and their accessories, gasoline and diesel. The third is to focus on the upgrading of industrial structure, focusing on steel, cement, sanitary ceramics, wire and cable, waterproofing membranes, and carrying out the “quality inspection and sword” of building materials. The fourth is to consolidate the status of agriculture and carry out the "quality inspection and sharp sword" action of agricultural resources. A total of 1,814 cases were investigated, and agricultural production losses were reduced by 20.34 million yuan, and farmers were consulted and reported 44,000.
In terms of defective product recalls, the number of defective vehicle recalls exceeded 10 million units for the first time in 2016, reaching 11.335 million units, a year-on-year increase of 103%. Among them, 8,539,400 vehicles were implemented under the inspection of the AQSIQ, which accounted for 75.33% of the total number of recalls. At the same time, the recall of defective consumer goods started well. A spokesman for the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, Han Yunping, said that after the implementation of the "Management Measures for Defective Consumer Goods Recall" on January 1, last year, a total of 6.184 million consumer goods were recalled within one year, an increase of 8.23 ​​times. The recalled product categories range from children's toys and electronic appliances to 11 types of consumer goods such as children's products, furniture, cultural and educational sports goods. The recalls of Samsung mobile phones, IKEA chests of drawers and Takada airbags were properly disposed of. Supervised Samsung to recall 190,000 sets of all Samsung note7 mobile phones in mainland China; urged IKEA to recall a series of drawers such as Malm in China, involving more than 1.66 million pieces; and urged 33 vehicles involved in Takata and Takadan airbag incidents The company recalled 6,163,300 defective cars.
In addition, there are still many problems with products that are “strictly checked” outside the country. Last year, a total of 3042 batches of unqualified food and 229 batches of cosmetics were detected at the entrance of the inbound cargo. Unqualified foods come from 82 countries and regions, involving 22 types of products, mainly beverages, cakes and biscuits, cereals and products; the main items are food additives, microbial contamination and unqualified quality. Unqualified cosmetics come from 22 countries and regions, involving 7 types of products, mainly for skin, beauty and oral cosmetics. The main items are unqualified certificates, unqualified labels and unqualified quality. Unqualified foods and cosmetics have been returned or destroyed at the port and have not been admitted.
With the development of cross-border e-commerce, more and more consumers choose “haitao”. What is the quality of such imported consumer goods? In 2016, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine conducted special quality inspections on consumer products such as toys, diapers, clothing and kitchen utensils imported through cross-border e-commerce channels. A total of 1013 batches were randomly selected and 415 batches of unqualified safety items were detected. The failure rate was 40.9. %, quality and safety issues are more prominent. The Director of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Zhi Shuping said that the current supervision of Haitao products is mainly to implement quarantine, focusing on the risk of epidemic disease and the introduction of harmful organisms, while the quality of the products is the responsibility of the purchaser. The tube is still under study. "Quality is the lifeline of the healthy development of e-commerce. We must not let fake and shoddy popular on the Internet. We have established a risk monitoring center in Hangzhou to monitor the risks of cross-border e-commerce, issue warnings in real time, and give consumers tips. ”

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