Alfa Laval receives 8 PureSOX exhaust gas cleaning systems

Alfa Laval recently received an anonymous customer contract to supply eight of the company's PureSOX exhaust gas cleaning systems.
The contract, valued at SEK 125 million (US$14 million), was received by Alfa Laval's marine business unit, Boiler & Gas Systems. These PureSOX hybrid scrubbers will be installed on two vessels and the system will be delivered in 2018 and 2019. .
Peter Leifland, president of Alfa Laval's Marine Division, stated, “I am very pleased that our scrubber system has received this big order. I believe our PureSOx system is very attractive and is an ideal solution for reducing sulfur oxides. It can help the shipping industry. Meet the global sulphur emission regulations that are in force in 2020."
The PureSOx system was launched in 2012. In December 2016, the international logistics and shipping specialist Grimaldi Group also ordered seven Alfa Laval PureSOx systems for installation on a new fleet of transport vessels.

The Introduction of PCD 
The PCD (Polycrystalline diamond) is a composite material, consisting of sintered diamond particles with a metallic binder. Diamond is the hardest material in absolute terms and therefore also the most resistant to abrasion. Used as a cutting tool, it has a good wear resistance, and a yield superior to traditional sharp carbide. The machined surface roughness with the PCD can reach comparable to the adjustment.

Main applications
â–²Processing of non-ferrous
â–²Aluminum alloys with high or low silicon content (pistons, engine blocks engine, wheels, carburetors, connecting rods, gear boxes, cylinders for brakes, etc.).
â–²Bronze and copper alloys (copper manifolds, engine bearings, bushings, connecting rods eyes, locations pumps etc.).
â–²Tungsten carbide (trafilatori rollers and other components sintered etc).
â–²Pieces composed of aluminum and lead, aluminum engine blocks with cast iron pipes reported
â–²Processing of non-metallic materials
â–²Very abrasive materials, such as ceramics industrial uncooked.
â–²Some fired ceramic: zirconia aluminum oxide, such as spark plugs and insulators.
â–²Glass, plastics with glass fibers, carbon fibers.
The Introduction of PCBN
PCBN has the characteristics of high thermal stability, high hardness, high wear resistance and. It`s inert to iron family element, hence PCBN is mainly used for the machining of high hardness and hard processed ferrous materials, such as d facing alloys, harden steel, pearlitic gray cast iron, high temperature alloy, high-speed steel, hard facing alloys, Ni-Cr alloy, powder metallurgy metals.


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