Animated map of mining machinery construction, take you into the day of the mine people.

What kind of machinery does the mine have? How do they work?

As a mine practitioner, understanding the principles behind it is the most basic skill. Only in this way, in the process of production, if you encounter problems, you can be calm and confident!

Mining machinery construction animation

1, magnetic separator

2, jig

3, shaker

4, an iron removal

5, washing machine

6, wheel sand washing machine

7, spiral sand washing machine

8, bag filter

9, wet dust collector

10, pulse dust collector

11, cyclone dust collector

12, hydrocyclone

13, the crushing production line

14, cylinder dryer

15, drying production line

Waterjet Cutting Machine

Waterjet Cutting Machine is also known as a universal CNC Cutting Machine because it could cut almost all the material such as Glass ,Marble ,Steel ,stone and other hard material .Because of its working principle ,the Waterjet Cutting Machine could reach a very high cutting accurate with nice and clean cutting edges .Therefore ,it is widely used for the industries such as metal components cutting ,appliance glass cutting ,lamps ,sanitary products cutting,Ceramic products cutting ,Automotive glass cutting ,equipment covers cutting etc .

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