Bag Packaging Machine

Introduction: The bag-type packaging machine is mainly composed of code printer, PLC control system, bag opening guide device, vibration device, dust removal device, solenoid valve, temperature controller, vacuum generator or vacuum pump, inverter, output system and other standard components. composition. A wide range of applications can effectively improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

Bag Packaging Machine

The bag-type packaging machine is mainly composed of a coder, a PLC control system, a bag-opening guide device, a vibration device, a dust removal device, a solenoid valve, a temperature controller, a vacuum generator or a vacuum pump, a frequency converter, an output system, and other standard components. A wide range of applications can effectively improve production efficiency and reduce costs.


1, PLC control system, touch screen man-machine interface, easy to operate;

2, frequency control, the use of frequency conversion device, the speed can be adjusted within the specified range;

3, automatic detection and fault shutdown function, saving materials, reduce production costs;

4, part of the use of imported engineering plastic bearings, without refueling, to reduce the pollution of the material;

5, no oil vacuum pump to avoid the pollution of the production environment;

6, zipper bag opening mechanism, designed specifically for the characteristics of zipper bag mouth to avoid bag mouth deformation or damage;

7, prefabricated bags, bags perfect pattern, a variety of stylish bags, a variety of additional sealing structure, a variety of cutting methods.

Application area

From the industries covered by bag-type packaging machines, it has strong adaptability, advanced packaging technology, safety, hygiene, and good sealing properties, thus giving bag-type packaging machines to food, medicine, agricultural products, daily necessities, hardware, chemicals, etc. There are common applications in many fields. 2, from the bag-type packaging machine to the product's adaptability, whether it is a block, granular products or powder, liquid products, to the bag-type packaging machine can replace the meter and frequency control to achieve beautiful, Uniform, sealed and other high-quality packaging requirements. For example, bread, walnuts, jams, drinks, detergents, seeds, etc.

Maintenance and maintenance

1. Regularly check all parts of the packaging machine to ensure that the normal machine can be used. If faults are found, repairs should be detected immediately;

2.Before and after the use, basic cleaning of the machine must be carried out. The key parts such as the heat sealing device and the hot edge device should also be carefully inspected and cleaned so as not to cause various types of failures;

3. Regularly clean the surface of the machine's transverse seal rollers to ensure that there are no dust or other impurities.

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