Belarusian guests visit Zoomlion praised "the world-renowned equipment"

On September 28, a delegation consisting of Domanevsky, chairman of the executive committee of the Mogilev region of Belarus, Tinovovsky, Belarusian minister of economy, and Rud, the Belarusian ambassador to China, arrived in Hunan. In the afternoon of the same day, the delegation visited the Zoomlion Industrial Park of Zoomlion and Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, warmly received the delegation.

The delegation first came to the product display floor of Zoomlion Industrial Park in Zoomlion, and experienced the new 4.0 product of Zoomlion. They all praised Zoomlion for “making a world-renowned good equipment”; "Eye of the eyes" exhibition area, after watching the development process of China Construction Machinery and Zoomlion, the delegation applauded Zoomlion's rapid growth miracle over the past 25 years; Zoomlion's 3,200-ton crawler in the "IoT Spacetime" exhibition area. The self-adjustment and self-adaptive function of the crane made the hoisting error less than 2 mm, and successfully hoisted several large nuclear power domes, so that the delegation praised Zoomlion’s high-tech smart products.

Chairman Zhan Chunxin (right 5) took a photo with the Belarus delegation at Silicon Valley Industrial Park

After the tour was over, Domanevsky wrote a message to the blessing: “With a great interest to visit Zoomlion, Zoomlion achieved a very big development in just 25 years and became a world famous. The company hopes that Zoomlion will achieve even greater achievements in the future!"

It is understood that the state of Mogilev is located in the center of eastern Belarus, and the city of Mogilev, the capital of the state, has a history of 750 years since its founding. Mogilev Free Economic Zone is one of the six free economic zones in the country. Machine manufacturing plays an important role in the state’s industry.

The delegation made a four-day visit in Hunan. The provincial party secretary and the chairman of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress met with Domanevsky and his delegation in Changsha. Du Jiami represented the provincial party committee and the provincial government on the delegation. He welcomed the visit to Hunan and said that he fully enhanced exchanges and cooperation with Mogilev. Domanevski expressed that he hopes that through this visit, on the basis of consolidating the original cooperation between the two sides, he will continue to enhance the level of cooperation and expand the scope of cooperation so as to strive for more cooperation results.

Zoomlion, as a leading enterprise in Hunan Province, is a beautiful card for China's equipment manufacturing industry. Through practical actions such as the establishment of a joint venture company with the Belarusian MAZ Group, it has created value for both parties. Mutual benefit and win-win results deepen the friendship between the two parties.

In fact, Zoomlion has long been known as an "old friend" in Belarus. As early as May 2015, Zoomlion closely followed the “Belt and Road Initiative”. Under the witness of the two heads of state of China and Belarus, it became the first Chinese-funded enterprise to settle in the Zhongbai Industrial Park; after that, Zoomlion and the local MAZ, a veteran heavy-duty manufacturing company, cooperated and cooperated with each other and produced various products such as construction machinery and sanitation machinery. In the two years, Zoomlion and Belarusian companies continued to develop mutually beneficial cooperation and develop a win-win situation. This has become a model for China's equipment manufacturers to actively “go global” and seek international capacity cooperation.

A series of cooperation between Zoomlion and the Belarusian government and enterprises will surely create more value and carry more friendship for the two peoples. (This article comes from Zoomlion.)

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