Changling refinery 1.2 million tons/year desulfurization equipment

On August 20, the 1.2 million tonne/year catalytic gasoline adsorption and desulfurization equipment of the Changling Branch Company under construction contracted by Wujian Construction Co., Ltd. underwent the joint efforts of all the construction personnel and achieved great success. High standards in the hand.
1.2 million tons/year catalytic gasoline adsorption desulphurization device, the main construction content includes: vertical floor 5532M2, 111 static and dynamic equipment, process pipeline 38000DB, 289 sets of lighting fixtures, 649 meter valve devices, 143700 meters of cable laying, equipment Pipe insulation 620M3. Since the project was started last year, the Yueyang Project Department of Wujian Construction Co., Ltd. has carefully organized, rationally arranged, and strengthened the management of the entire construction process. It has extensively carried out research and training activities, greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the participants and accelerated the construction progress. Ensure the construction safety, ensure the quality of the project and ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

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