Chery's commercial vehicle plots "Sword" heavy truck

In a factory at the headquarters of Chery Wuhu, workers are counting down for their first truly commercial vehicle product, the U460 heavy-duty tractor.

“The U460 has already been confirmed to go offline at the end of October. For this reason, we have been preparing for a full three years.” Yang Yingli, head of the public relations department at Jirui United Truck Marketing Service Co., Ltd., told reporters last week that Dr. Tu Xiaoyue, the general manager of the company, is leading the marketing team. Traveling around the country to meet the positive momentum of this high-end heavy truck off the assembly line.

The U460 opened the way for Chery to enter the commercial vehicle market. At the headquarters in Wuhu, Chery has built a factory with an annual output of 30,000 heavy-duty trucks and 50,000 engines. In addition, in Kaifeng, Henan Province, it has invested 10 billion yuan to produce 200,000 mini-cars and 80,000 light trucks and machinery. The new production base for engineering vehicles has also broken ground.

“We will publish an ambitious commercial vehicle strategy at the Chery Business Conference in February next year.” Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. debuted at last week’s Kairu Youyou [review picture forum] (configuration gallery reputation) diesel new car listing ceremony. General Manager and general manager of Kairui Automotive, Lu Jianhui, secretly told the reporter that Chery’s plan to enter the commercial vehicle industry has been brewing for a long time.

"Sword" heavy truck

The U460 is a 6×4 tractor with an engine power of 460 horsepower. It carries the hope of Chery’s entry into high-end heavy trucks. In order to develop U460, Chery has integrated the advantageous resources of four other local companies (CIMC, Yuchai, Fast, and Fuhua), and this combination is considered to be the "dream team" for entering China's heavy truck sector.

CIMC is the largest manufacturer of logistics equipment and special vehicles in China, Chery is the largest independent brand automobile manufacturer in China, Yuchai Group is the largest diesel engine manufacturer in China, and Shaanxi Fast is China’s largest manufacturer of heavy-duty truck transmissions. Enterprises, while Fuhua Heavy Industry is China's largest manufacturer of axles.

In 2007, the head of CIMC, Mai Boliang, and Chery Automobile Chairman Yin Tongyue, the two with heavy truck dreams, came together for the first time. They did not assume that the two parties hit it off. They decided to jointly develop a Chinese independent brand with the world. The mainstream technology level of high-end heavy trucks.

Two years after brewing and preparation, the "Joint Truck" project was officially launched.

In January 2009, CIMC announced the resolutions of the board of directors, agreeing that its subsidiary CIMC Vehicles and Wuhu Tairui Investment Co., Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chery) and Shenzhen Jiusi Investment Co., Ltd. jointly initiated the establishment of Ji Rui. Truck Corporation. In March of that year, "Joint Truck" was incorporated.

The "Joint Truck" joint venture project covers the entire vehicle and engine businesses. The registered capital is RMB 1.2 billion. Apart from Shenzhen Jiusi, which accounts for 10% of the shares, CIMC Vehicles and Wuhu Terui each hold 45% of the shares. The joint venture company mainly produces and sells heavy-duty and heavy-duty vehicles, heavy-duty vehicle engines and parts and components.

Six months later, Guangxi Yuchai officially joined the “Joint Truck” project. In August 2009, a joint venture company named Yuchai United Power Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Wuhu. The joint venture sponsors were the “Combined Truck”, Guangxi Yuchai, and Shenzhen Jiusi Investment.

From the preparation of the 2007 project to the April 11th Beijing International Motor Show in April 2010, the “Joint Truck” took four heavy trucks including the U460 heavy-duty tractor, lightweight tractor, concrete mixer and high-strength dump truck for the first time. Debut, Chery entered the ranks of domestic high-end heavy trucks in just three years.

At present, the “Joint Truck” at the Linjiang Industrial Park in Sanshan District, Wuhu City, is making a final sprint for the U460 offline. As of last week, the new factory's welding production line has been fully installed. In the “Joint Truck” official website, the large-scale personnel recruitment announcement is still on the homepage of the website. The post involves more than a dozen departments such as security inspectors, fitters, cost estimators, budget specialists, corporate administrators, financial auditors, and quality management. .

Kai Rui's new mission

Chery’s entire commercial vehicle layout has gradually become clear as Chery begins its countdown to its “Joint Truck” joint venture project. The reporter learned from Chery Automobile a few days ago that after the heavy truck project has achieved phased results, the next goal of Chery’s commercial vehicle plan is to promote the product and capacity layout of the medium and light trucks.

“At present, the company is making detailed product and brand plans for commercial vehicle plans. It is expected that we will not be able to publish relevant information until the first half of next year.” Lu Jianhui told reporters that Chery recently announced that the official name of the company was changed to Kairui Automobile Co., Ltd. It is to adapt Chery's overall plan for commercial vehicle development.

At the end of last month, Chery announced that its original Chery Micro-vehicle Company and Kairui Micro-vehicle Sales Co., Ltd. were renamed as Kairui Automobile Company and Kairui Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. respectively. After the name was changed, the products operated by Kairui Automotive will no longer be limited to mini-vehicles. However, it includes commercial vehicle products such as Chery Middle Cards and light trucks.

“The company’s name change is not an expedient measure for the launch of two new products. It is the contents of Chery's long-standing plan.” Lu Jianhui confirmed to reporters last week that it has been included in the Chery brand operation of the Chery light truck project. The model has already entered the sample production stage. If no accident occurs, Kairui light trucks will be put into operation at the Kaifeng mini vehicle base in Henan in the first half of next year as soon as possible.

At the end of April this year, Chery Automobile Henan Co., Ltd. broke ground in the production base of Kaifeng New District. This project plans to produce an annual output of 200,000 minicars and 80,000 light trucks, as well as a production base for construction machinery and agricultural machinery. It covers a total area of ​​2,500 mu, including an area of ​​1,500 mu, with a total investment of nearly 10 billion yuan, of which only fixed assets. Investment will reach 1.773 billion yuan.

Yang Benhong, executive deputy general manager of Kai Rui Automobile Company, confirmed to reporters last week that the Kaifeng base will be officially put into production in the first half of next year, and all the mini-car products under the Chery Karui brand will be transferred from Wuhu to Kaifeng production after production. "Kai Rui's goal is to use 3 to 5 years to catch up with Dongfeng to enter the top three micro-cars nationwide."

Last year, Dongfeng sold 200,000 mini-vehicles, and Yang Benhong expects that sales of Carrell will reach or exceed this number next year. This year, Dongfeng Micro-vehicle’s sales target is 300,000 units, while Chery’s Yin Tongyue’s target for Kai Ruiding is 150,000, but Chery’s internal target has been lowered to 10 as the mini vehicle market slows down in the first half of the year. -120,000 vehicles.

To date, Chery’s China Card project has not yet become clear. Earlier it was reported that the Chery Zhongka project may be located in Kaifeng, Henan Province. Jin Yibo, spokesman for the Chery General Office, recently stated in an interview with the media that once the Kaifeng base was put into production, the entire Kai Rui brand's models (including mini vehicles) Both the light and medium-sized cards that have just been included will be "moved into the open".

Lu Jianhui, who is responsible for the production and operation of the Kairui brand, is irresponsible. “As with the entire commercial vehicle program, the Chery China Card project is still under discussion. We will release unified information externally next year.” The news that the reporter received from Chery indicates that the Kaifeng base in Henan Province did not plan for the China Card project. The production capacity does not rule out the possibility that the Chery Zhongcai project will continue to settle in Wuhu following heavy truck projects.

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