China's agricultural successor has taken the road of peasant professionalism

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] This is a strategic project that affects the overall development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. This is a basic project to ensure the success of modern agriculture. This is an innovative practice that has built a well-off society in an all-round way. It is also a fundamental way to improve farmers, support farmers, and wealthy farmers. This is the cultivation of new professional farmers.
China's agricultural successor has taken the road of peasant professionalism
From the important conclusion of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the question of "Who is going to plant the land", to the strategic deployment of five central "No. 1 documents", from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Finance, the new professional peasant cultivation project came into being, to more than 1,600 in the country. With the successive implementation of the county, the new professional peasant team has grown and developed, showing a gratifying situation. It has upgraded a group of “old peasants” who have feelings and experience in agriculture, and attracted a group of “new peasants” who have nostalgia and want to start a business. A group of educated and innovative "knowledge farmers".
Wang Yang, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, pointed out that talent is the key to the development of modern agriculture. It is necessary to speed up the cultivation of new-type professional peasants and continuously expand the ranks of new peasants. Cultivating new-type professional peasants is the "general grasp" of China's "three rural" work under the new situation.
Practice has proved that the cultivation of this professional peasant's professionalism with new Chinese peasants is not only changing the fate of hundreds of millions of peasants, but also profoundly affecting the process of agricultural modernization. Since 2013, a total of 2.6 million new-type professional farmers have been cultivated nationwide. A group of high-quality young farmers are becoming the leaders of large-scale breeding, family farmers and farmers' cooperatives. A group of college students, returning migrant workers and veterans join. In the new professional peasant team, a group of new professional peasants who are wearing glasses are emerging, playing a pivotal role in promoting the early realization of China's agricultural modernization.
The mission of the new professional peasant -
In another 10 to 20 years, a large number of new professional farmers with culture, technology, good management and management will be the main force for the development of modern agriculture in China. China's agriculture will be mainly undertaken by them and will be modernized.
At present, China has entered a decisive period of building a well-off society in an all-round way and is also a crucial period for accelerating agricultural modernization. Farmers are the main body of rural production and life, and the primary force to promote the development of rural society. However, the loss of rural talents brings new challenges to the development of agriculture and rural areas. On the one hand, rural laborers are concurrently industrialized, aging, and low-educated; on the other hand, modern agricultural scale, standardization, and intensive production put forward higher requirements for the quality of labor, “Who will plant the land, how to grow the land” Social concerns.
Undoubtedly, the core of solving the problem of "who will plant the land" is to solve the human problem. The root of agricultural modernization is the modernization of the peasants. "Let agriculture become an industry with a head and let the peasants become a decent occupation" is the actual period of the peasants. Hope. It can be said that cultivating farmers and raising peasants are not only the strategic requirements of the country, the actual needs of the industry, but also the true demands of the peasants.
The cultivation of new professional farmers is a major strategic issue concerning the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. In the traditional farming society, the “face to the loess back to the sky” has done the hard work of farming, and has made the “peasant” a humble identity symbol. “Jumping the farm” has become a helpless choice for farmers for thousands of years. Vigorously cultivate new professional peasants, so that peasants are no longer a symbol of low-level identities, but a decent and dignified profession, and they are determined to rely on agriculture as the root, agriculture as the industry, and agriculture as the living confidence in the field of hope. Cultivate modern agriculture and build beautiful new countryside.
The cultivation of new professional farmers is a directional issue concerning agricultural modernization. The professionalization of peasants is an important indicator of the basic modernization of agriculture. The "professional peasant cooperative management socialized service" is the basic direction of modern agricultural development in China. Only by increasing the cultivation of new professional farmers and accelerating the construction of a team of high-quality modern agricultural production and management personnel can we provide a solid human foundation and guarantee for agricultural modernization.
The cultivation of new professional peasants is a global issue concerning the comprehensive construction of a well-off society. "A well-off society is not a well-off, the key is to look at fellow villagers." The key points and difficulties in building a well-off society in an all-round way are farmers.
Although the income of farmers has continued to increase in recent years, the income gap between urban and rural areas is still widening, and the level of social security for farmers is low and public services are low. Cultivate new types of professional farmers, and build them into professional big households, family farmers, cooperative leaders and agricultural enterprises, making agriculture a leading industry and making farmers the leader of poverty alleviation.
It can be said that the development of the times calls for new professional peasants, and the new professional peasants also shoulder the mission.
As Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu said, in another 10 to 20 years, a large number of new professional farmers with culture, technology, good management and management will be the main force for the development of modern agriculture in China. China's agriculture will be mainly undertaken by them, and Chinese agriculture will be modernized.

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