China's automotive instrumentation technology is seriously behind the development of the entire vehicle

A Canadian company recently introduced a display system that replaces existing automotive LCDs. The system is equipped with a small projector inside the instrument panel, which can project content and display to the entire instrument panel, which can enlarge the screen size and display on a curved surface such as a dashboard. In addition, if you only need to change the projected image, you can change the shape of the dashboard to meet the needs of automotive design.

The degree of electronicization of automobiles is getting higher and higher, and technologies such as ABS, ASR, airbags, and electronically controlled injection of engines are continuously applied to automobiles. The automotive electronic control device must quickly and accurately process various information and display it through the automobile instrument, so that the driver can understand and grasp the running state of the car in time, and properly handle various situations, which puts higher requirements on the automobile instrument technology.

The reporter learned in the interview that at present, China's automobile instrument lags behind the development of the whole vehicle as a whole, and there is a big gap compared with foreign countries. The products are facing newer generations.

Automotive instrument development to "integrated information system"

The traditional instrument is generally an electromechanical analog instrument, which can only provide the driver with the necessary and small amount of data information in the operation of the car, which is far from meeting the requirements of modern automobile new technology and high speed. With the development of modern electronic technology, multi-function high-precision, high-sensitivity, intuitive electronic digital display and image display instruments are constantly being applied in automobiles.

For example, the triumph introduced by Dongfeng Citroen is equipped with a photosensitive adaptive combination meter. The digital LCD screen of the instrument will lighten or darken with the intensity of the light outside the vehicle, which is suitable for human eye recognition, making it easier for the driver to read important information including speed, fuel quantity and water temperature.

Automotive instrumentation is developing in the direction of “integrated information system”. Its functions are not limited to the current speed, mileage, engine speed, oil volume, water temperature, direction indicator, and may add some functions, such as intelligent car instruments with ECU. It can indicate the operating status of the safety system, such as tire pressure, brakes, airbags, etc.

The speedometer, engine tachometer and fuel gauge will be replaced by a touch-screen LCD screen that integrates network, diagnostic and digital display functions, and will enable on-site diagnosis and road autonomous navigation through the “expert think tank” of the vehicle dynamic information system. Electronic maps, vehicle positioning dynamic display and other functions.

Market prospects

Automobile instrumentation is an indispensable part of car control and will expand simultaneously with the growth of China's automobile production. At present, China's automotive instrumentation market is about 700 million US dollars, accounting for 10.2% of the total automotive electronics market.

China's automotive instrumentation has experienced the electronic development stage of mechanical and analog circuits. Electronic instruments consisting of advanced sensors and display devices have begun to completely replace traditional electromechanical instruments, and now automotive instrumentation technology is developing in digital terms.

According to the technical personnel of Shanghai Deke Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd., the indicator instrument driven by digital technology has high precision and low cost of unified movement structure. Digital automotive instrumentation is the leading technology of automotive instrument display devices for a period of time and in the future, and the market prospect is very broad.
Technology lags behind vehicle development

Industry experts said that China's automotive instrumentation products have low technical level, monotonous design, poor durability and reliability, and low digitization, which cannot keep up with the development of the whole vehicle. In addition, compared with foreign developed countries, the technical level has a considerable gap. Although the domestic automotive instrument industry is optimistic about all-digital automotive instrumentation, domestic domestic enterprise development does not have technical conditions.

At present, the first few instruments have a large application share in the Chinese market, but most of them are used in the models introduced in the previous period. China's joint ventures or wholly foreign-owned enterprises, such as Deco, Marelli, Siemens VDO, Visteon, Bosch, etc., mainly produce digital instruments.

According to the relevant person of Siemens VDO, in the market structure of automobile instrumentation, on the one hand, international large companies occupy a large share in the middle and high-end market; on the other hand, Chinese local manufacturers have occupied a certain market share after years of hard work. They are united with large international companies to gain more markets, more resources, and to snatch low-end markets at low cost. From the perspective of the field of technological development, Chinese local manufacturers are in a state of follow-up in technology, and there is still room for improvement in terms of technical reserves and product development routes.

Domestic domestic enterprises have barriers to entry due to problems such as lack of test equipment, high testing costs, and lack of test software engineers.

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