Correct maintenance pump to meet spring irrigation needs

Spring irrigation how to ensure the normal use of agricultural pumps? February 16, Pingdingshan Agricultural Bureau reminds farmers friends to be properly maintained. Pump installation should pay attention to accurate and reliable operation may not have significant vibration. If the pump pumping abnormal sound or bearing hot (temperature higher than 60 ℃) and the shaft seal water seepage per minute more than 60 drops, be sure to identify the cause, and timely troubleshooting. Routine screwing, such as packing gland screws, water blocking, etc., apply a suitable wrench, a reasonable torque disassembly, do not use hand-clamp screw to prevent the threaded or threaded nut slide; the remaining screws, you can wipe the top Some lubricants or regular oil cloth to wipe rust; drain screws, such as do not often use rust easy to die, the first water plugging screwed off, coated with some oil and white lead oil on the screw, after every two or three times a new oil. Pump lubricated with oil, lubricants should be replaced once a month; Grease lubricated every six months for a change. It should be noted that the pump with calcium-based grease, sodium-based motor grease, do not use each other wrong. Due to the hydrophilic sodium-based grease, the water pump will be emulsified into water to dissipate foam, and calcium-based grease afraid of high temperature, used in motor, easy to swap out after the temperature rises. Do not pump water that contains too much sand to prevent premature wear of impellers, mouth rings and shafts, and try to prevent water shortages. Water running will damage the seal, prone to leakage of the pump, not even the phenomenon of water. Drainage and irrigation after the end of the season, we must then seriously clean, check the pump, found damaged or deformed can not continue to use the parts to be promptly repaired or replaced.