Denso will demonstrate the latest technologies such as energy saving and environmental protection at the Detroit Auto Show

Dow Jones reported that the global parts supplier Denso Group (DENSO) recently issued a statement saying, DENSO will showcase the latest developments on the Detroit Auto Show January 11 to 24 held, including improved fuel efficiency of energy Monitoring technology and automotive safety technologies.

Denso stated in the statement that although there are already many advanced technologies, currently the energy consumed by car engines only accounts for 20% of the energy consumed by the car, while the remaining 80% of energy is not used properly. This year, Denso will display the latest technologies developed to improve the fuel efficiency of automobiles.

In addition, Denso will also show the audience the latest products and technologies focused on environmental protection, driving safety and comfort, such as injectors, hybrid technology and remote control technology.

Steel Guardrail

 Hot dipped galvanized steel Guardrail /Highway fence and guardrail posts are mainly used for safety traffic barrier protection on highways and first-class highways at home and abroad.  Q235 material is used domestically, and Q345 material is used abroad.  The steel plate is formed by cold bending and then galvanized and electrostatically sprayed.


 Highway Steel Barrier has strong corrosion resistance, bright and beautiful appearance, and high anti-collision strength, which meets the standards of the Ministry of Communications.  , In line with GB / T31429.1-2015 "Anti-corrosion Conditions of Expressway Traffic Engineering Components" standard.  Requirements of "Waveform Steel Guardrail Part 1: Double Waveform Motorway Guardrail" 

Crash Barrier8

Product Name Steel Guardrail
Surface Treatment
hot dip galvanized,color coated
Zinc Coating
350g-1220g/square meter
Length 4320/4130mm
Width 2.5mm-4mm
wave height
wave width
310-315mm(W Beam) / 506mm(Thrie Beam
National Standard/American Standard/European standard
100,000metric tons per year

Steel Guardrail

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