Drunk man strolls at high altitude in the early morning

Drunk man strolls at high altitude in the early morning
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In the early hours of this morning, a drunk man climbed onto the outer wall of the Liyuan Hotel in Yanling Road, Guangzhou, where he staged a “war of heights” with police and firefighters.
At 0:00 this morning, the reporter arrived at the scene and found a man in a briefs on the fifth floor outside the hotel window. He faced the road and threw down pieces of neon tubes from time to time down the stairs. He called for help from time to time. The police raised the cordon and the ambulance was on standby. In the fifth floor window, several firefighters have been watching the men's actions and talking to men. However, the man did not bother with it and he was still sulking.
"He had been on the ground for more than two hours," said a bystander. A police officer on site told reporters that the man may not be aware.
At 0:40, the man suddenly stood up and walked up to the blinds and climbed down the blinds. Only a few steps were climbed, and several windows under the foot were broken. He held both hands close to a window and hung in the air on the fourth floor. Suddenly, the man took off his hands and instantly fell on the tin canopy on the second floor, pulling the shelter out of a depression. Firefighters and medical staff immediately began to take care of the man. The man was taken on a stretcher and put on an ambulance. The reporter was aware of the man's full body alcoholism next to the stretcher.
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