Emulsified asphalt expanded perlite products processing

Typical formulations of emulsified asphalt expanded perlite products and quality requirements for raw and auxiliary materials are shown in the table below. Typical Formulation of Emulsified Asphalt Expanded Perlite Products and Quality Requirements of Raw and Auxiliary Materials

Material name Quality requirements Mix ratio Product quality index
Expanded perlite The bulk density is 60-90kg/m 3 ; the normal temperature thermal conductivity is 0.03~0.04W/(m·K); the particle size is 4~7 mesh≤5%, 90 mesh≤80% Mass ratio 1:3, compression ratio 1.6 to 2.1 The bulk density is <300kg/m 3 ; the thermal conductivity at room temperature is 0.07W/(m·KJ); the pressure is >0.2MPa.
Emulsified asphalt Density 1.1g/cm 3 ; fineness less than 20 mesh; asphalt content 60% to 70%

The production process is as follows:

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