Hand-held weather station technology helps to improve the level of grassroots meteorological services for farmers

Knowing the cold and knowing the heat, people used to mainly look at the weather forecast, but in agricultural production, this kind of big climate has actually been difficult to support the development requirements of modern agriculture. Therefore, modern times urgently need to adopt a more effective weather detection method to meet the requirements. Meteorology serves the needs of farmers. At the grass-roots level, due to the limitations of funds and scale, it is generally difficult to carry out independent microclimate observations. However, after the development of hand-held weather stations , the grass-roots level can also use the instrument, with the help of science and technology, to effectively improve grass-roots meteorology for agriculture. Service Level.

Handheld weather station

The weather station is not unfamiliar to everyone. In everyone’s impression, it is a large iron tower similar to a base station. It is a facility used by the meteorological department for large-scale weather monitoring. In fact, with the in-depth development of the industry, the weather station has also developed differently. There are outdoor weather stations, campus weather stations, agricultural weather stations, scenic weather stations, and portable weather stations. Hand-held weather station is a kind of portable weather station.

The hand-held weather station is characterized by being portable, easy to use, and simple to operate, but with high measurement accuracy, it can detect and record multiple agricultural meteorological environmental elements at the same time. It is a mobile comprehensive weather observation instrument. Handheld weather station is a new type of mobile weather station product developed with the popularization of various sensors and mobile Internet. It is mainly composed of a host and sensors. According to the expansion of different sensors, it can detect and record temperature, humidity, wind direction, Various information such as wind speed, rainfall, air pressure, and illuminance are uploaded to the cloud platform, and the data can also be viewed and analyzed online, which greatly facilitates agricultural meteorological research and production management guidance.

The application of hand-held weather stations provides a simple, effective and scientific method of agricultural microclimate observations for the vast areas, which makes up for the lack of basic meteorological service levels, and plays an important role in further deepening meteorological services for agriculture. At present, hand-held weather stations are widely used in meteorology and agriculture to detect the impact of meteorological changes on crops, and scientifically manage farmland planting. It is a special equipment for agricultural bureaus, Chinese Academy of Sciences, soil and fertilizer stations, and universities and colleges. It is very suitable for standard farmland and water-saving irrigation. And other project applications.

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