Heavy trucks make China Logistics Shaanxi Power launch standard transportation

With the development of freeway toll-by-weight rates, the state has scrutinized the implementation of overweight-overloaded road transport measures, and logistics companies have turned from overloaded to profitable. The standardization of heavy trucks has become a hot topic in the industry.

Always following the needs of customers and leading the heavy truck industry reform, Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Duty Trucks successfully launched the DeLong M3000 and F3000 lightweight standard truck tractors with lighter weight, lower fuel consumption, higher reliability and better profitability. The advantages have not only caused concern among insiders and logistics companies, but also rewritten the modern logistics transportation pattern.

Innovation leader "light" to win the market

The rapid development of modern economy promotes the rapid operation of the logistics industry. However, various factors such as rising fuel costs, strict inspection of overload, and high labor costs have seriously hampered the development of the logistics industry. Under such circumstances, research and development and production of low fuel consumption and lightweight heavy truck products have become the key to solving the problem. Shaanxi Automobile Group, which takes the responsibility of casting heavy trucks with Chinese quality, will reduce the weight on the basis of ensuring that the safety and reliability of the vehicle are not reduced. From the perspective of the entire vehicle structure, it systematically considers and solves the problems of low fuel consumption and light weight. New materials, new processes, R&D and manufacturing of Delong tractors approved by industry professionals and users.

Under the high quality guarantee, the DeLong M3000 optimizes the experiment with the CRUISE software based on the standard load and compound conditions, providing a rationalized power matching scheme, improving the power transmission efficiency of the entire vehicle by 30%, increasing the economical speed and lowering the fuel consumption of the entire vehicle. At 38 litres/hundred kilometers, the high-speed on-board load conditions of the Shaanxi Automobile Delong F3000 tractors are analyzed through internationally advanced computer-aided simulation and actual road condition data analysis, selection and matching. The fuel-saving effect leads the industry and the average fuel consumption is lower than that of the industry. 10%, annual fuel savings of about 30,000 to 50,000 yuan.

In addition, the lightweight design can carry more cargo under the condition of standard loading and transportation, earning more revenue and realizing efficient profit. The lightweight version of the Shaanxi Automobile Delong series tractors adopts a few leaf spring designs before and after, ensuring the vehicle carrying capacity and increasing the ride smoothness. It is equipped with an aluminum alloy fuel tank, gearbox, plastic fuel tank, and a new generation of lightweight saddles. Taking the DeLong F3000 tractor 6×2 model as an example, its weight of 7.5 tons will lead the industry to be lightweight.

Focus on details "hard" in quality

"Quality accomplishes the future" is the belief that Shaanxi Auto has always adhered to. The pursuit of quality is reflected in all aspects of product design. Once neglected by many heavy-duty truck manufacturing companies, it seriously affected the noise of heavy-duty truck drivers' driving comfort and health, and was also effectively improved on the Shaanxi Automobile Delong series tractors.

In the cab configuration, double seals are used on the doors to effectively reduce noise and dust. Power configuration, the DeLong M3000 uses Fast's unique main box double countershaft, secondary countershaft double countershaft design gearbox, noise is lower; DeLong F3000 engine, gearbox new calibration, integrated noise reduction 2 decibels. The two-pronged cab and power configuration have effectively improved the driving environment of the heavy-duty driver and alleviated problems such as tinnitus and irritability caused by excessive noise during the driving process, thereby protecting the health of the truck driver.

At the same time, the internal and external assembly of Shaanxi Auto Delong series tractors is comfortable and beautiful. Equipped with automatic air conditioning, electric windows, extra-wide sleeper and adjustable steering wheel, and other internationally advanced cab interiors, the truck driver's driving comfort is fully enhanced. Particularly worth mentioning is that its four-point air-suspended cab, equipped with an airbag seat, can reduce driving fatigue through effective damping, allowing the driver to focus on the road. Members, logistics owners, or pedestrians on the road have important safety implications.

According to the person in charge of Shaanxi Auto, the Delong series tractors are still the only domestic heavy truck products that have passed the European ECE-R29 standard. The high-strength body of the crash test, the safety performance of the entire vehicle reaches the top European standard, and effectively guarantees the safety of people and vehicles.

The analysis pointed out that adapting to trends and grasping strategic opportunities are the key to the success of modern enterprises. Shaanxi Auto Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. stands at the forefront of the industry with its continuous innovation attitude, and has penetrated the R&D, production and service aspects of its corporate philosophy of “Quality Achievement in the Future” and has been recognized by users. DeLong's lightweight standard series tractors not only bring high-quality heavy-duty trucks with high-speed standard loading and transportation, but also accelerate the pace of China's heavy-duty truck brands surpassing the world's advanced level.

Multiple guarantees "emphasis" on service

Behind the product design of the leading industry is Shaanqi's comprehensive service system support. Heavily used in the whole life cycle of heavy-duty trucks, Shaanxi Auto Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. combined modern technology to launch the “Tianxingjian” vehicle networking service system. It can simultaneously supply power from smart terminals, management websites, and call centers, covering intelligent goods distribution. , video surveillance, vehicle navigation, fault detection, emergency assistance, remote car lock, car-connected, etc., to solve the many thorny problems in heavy truck transportation, vehicle operation management process. The “full life cycle” service meets the needs of users and drives the revolutionary changes in China's heavy truck logistics operations.

In addition, Shaanxi Automobile launched a new “6F” stereo enjoyment, which creates value for users to reduce expenditures. The vehicle unlimited mileage warranty free safety inspection policy, the entire vehicle 18-month unlimited mileage warranty period and the industry's longest engine warranty period have not only become benchmarks for the industry service, but also demonstrate the sincerity of Shaanxi Auto Heavy Duty Trucks to customers. At the same time, Shaanxi Automobile, together with Weichai Power, Fast, and Hande, built 4,000 service stations to innovate service models to achieve a high degree of integration among companies, users, and service stations, and together create a high efficiency, good service, and good reputation. Quality service network system.

People in the industry believe that the development of Shaanxi Tianqi "Tianxingjian" car networking service system not only broke the traditional user service mode of China heavy truck industry, but also created a new era of intelligent logistics and information service in China. The establishment of the 6F three-dimensional service system is an overall strategic thinking of Shaanxi Auto's post-strength market, which is of great significance to the rapid development of Shaanxi Auto.

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