How to determine the sweet potato leaf area index? With leaf area meter on the line

Sweet potato is also called sweet potato, sweet potato, etc. It is a kind of crop with tuber as food. Besides being directly edible, sweet potato can also be used for making sugar, wine, and alcohol, so it is a crop species with very high value. In the cultivation of sweet potatoes, in order to achieve scientific sweet potato cultivation and improve the yield and quality of sweet potato cultivation, in the previous study, the staff used a leaf area analyzer to determine the leaf area index of sweet potatoes in detail and calculated them based on this. How often do you grow a sweet potato to reach the maximum use of the land and the best growth of the crop.

Leaf area meter

We know that the leaf is the most important organ in the process of crop growth and an important part of the photosynthesis of plants. In order to make full use of the sunlight and increase the photosynthetic efficiency of the crop, it is necessary to carry out reasonable close planting of sweet potatoes. To achieve this requirement, we need to use specific indicators as a benchmark or basis, and the leaf area index is the standard and the basis. It refers to the leaf area of ​​the unit leaf area in multiples of the land area, the leaf area index is measured One important indicator of group structure. In general, a leaf area index that is too high will affect crop ventilation, and if it is too low, sunlight will not be fully utilized. So how should the sweet potato leaf area index be measured?
In fact, the determination of sweet potato leaf area index is very simple, because with the development of science and technology, there have been professional measurement instruments can be used to determine the leaf area, this instrument is the leaf area analyzer, the first to use the leaf area meter to determine the sweet potato leaf The leaf area is converted into the leaf area index by simple calculations, so that the leaf area index of the sweet potato can be obtained quickly and accurately, providing the most important data basis for the rational planting of sweet potatoes, and the farmers develop according to this requirement. Sweet potato planting can harvest more sweet potatoes with high quality and high yield, and increase the economic benefits of local sweet potato planting.

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