Hunan smart manufacturing seeks new opportunities

Since 2013, Hunan has broken through 30 major key common technologies in strategic emerging industries, developed 100 key new products, and promoted the industrialization of 100 key patent achievements each year. Accelerate the implementation of industry-specific projects and implement the "311" project of technological innovation. The establishment of the first (set) of major technical equipment, the first batch of key new materials to promote the application of recognition and reward system. In 2014, a total of 81 technical equipment products, 4 procurement application companies and 44 new material products were identified and rewarded in Hunan.

At present, 9 industries have become the industry of 100 billion in Hunan, and the equipment manufacturing industry is stepping up its development towards the trillion industry. Zoomlion, Sany Heavy Industry, CSR Zhuzhou, and CSR Zhuzhou have become world-renowned enterprises. The integrated index of development of the two fusions reached 76.06, which was 9.92 higher than the national average. The operating quality of Hunan's industrial economy ranks first in the central region for three consecutive years.

New development of smart manufacturing industry

Improving the smart manufacturing industry is the key to the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

Taifu Heavy Equipment Group Co., Ltd. is located in the national-level Xiangtan Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is a comprehensive group company mainly engaged in system general contracting, heavy machinery manufacturing and investment.

Since its inception in November 2011, Taifu Heavy Equipment Group has been “becoming a world-class supplier of advanced equipment integration” as its mission and adhering to the concept of “innovation and success in the future” and has rapidly emerged in Sanxiang. The company cooperates with German Siemens, Germany ISAMAG automation company, Danish ELSmidth automation company and Shanghai Baoxin software, introduces advanced intelligent control technology and environmental protection and energy saving technology, upgrades the technical level of the equipment industry, adopts three-dimensional digital design, and becomes large-scale and intelligent. With the development of automation, information, environmental protection, and energy-saving, it has overcome the technical difficulties of intelligent maritime transfer platforms, intelligent unmanned material yard loading and unloading systems, and intelligent environmental protection material yards, filling the gaps in international and domestic technologies.

Since the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the policy in 2011 to promote the development of smart manufacturing industry, Hunan has fully grasped the connotation of smart manufacturing, seized the point of smart manufacturing, actively promoted the integration of “two industries” and new applications of information technology in manufacturing, and vigorously promoted smart manufacturing. Industrial Development.

Actively promote relevant special projects. There are 18 research projects in Hunan Special Item 04 (high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment science and technology major projects) with a total investment of 895 million yuan. By the end of 2014, 4 projects undertaken by Zhuzhou Diamond had been completed. A total of five projects in the province were approved for the national specialization of smart manufacturing equipment. Among them, the three projects undertaken by Sany Heavy Industry, Top Technology, and Qianshan Pharmaceutical have passed the inspection and acceptance. The two projects, Changgao High Voltage Switch and Changtai Robot, which were approved in 2014, are being actively organized and implemented. The introduction of policies to promote the development of smart manufacturing equipment industry. It has introduced policies to speed up the development of smart manufacturing equipment industry, industrial robot industry development plans, and arrange special funds to support the development of smart manufacturing equipment. We will promote the upgrading of quality and innovation of rail transit and engineering machinery, and establish two demonstration bases and a demonstration park. Take measures to promote the development of smart manufacturing related industries. In conjunction with the implementation of the broadband China and the integration of the two special initiatives, the government will issue a policy that will focus on supporting the cross-border integration and rapid development of integrated manufacturing industries such as integrated circuits and information consumption and mobile Internet. China's first 8-inch IGBT professional chip production line was put into production at CSR Zhuzhou, and a group of electronic information companies extended to various fields such as automotive electronics and medical electronics. The province's mobile Internet business revenue increased by 120%, and the information consumption industry exceeded 250 billion yuan. Promote the cooperation of intelligent manufacturing industry. The 8th China-Latin America Summit, Zhizhi Hunan - Industrial Equipment Promotion Conference, Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Promotion Conference, Industrial Robotics and Civil Explosive Production Enterprises and other industrial cooperation activities have been organized to help the smart manufacturing industry to expand its application space.

Respond to new opportunities and seek new breakthroughs

In October 2014, Huasheng hosted the "3D Printing Industrialization International Cooperation and Industry Cooperation Forum" and signed a partnership memorandum with BASF Group, the German LSS Company, and the United States Varia3D Company.

Huaxun has cooperated with BASF to develop breakthrough systems and innovative materials for 3D printing. The project is dedicated to the development of the world's first 3D printing equipment and materials that can be used to directly manufacture high-end industrial products. After the successful implementation, a series of new additive manufacturing products will be launched globally, and the additive manufacturing technology will achieve leap-forward progress in high-end industrial applications.

According to reports, as a professional additive manufacturing company, Hunan Huaxuan Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. continues to promote the systematic development of additive manufacturing around the key technologies of additive manufacturing, equipment development and application, and industrial integration and promotion, and drives manufacturing industry intelligence. Efficient, collaborative and green development.

In accordance with the implementation of the two major strategies of manufacturing a strong country and a strong nation of the Internet, Hunan accelerated the development of smart manufacturing as the main target, and vigorously promoted the deep integration of the two industries to seek new breakthroughs. One is to promote innovation and development with the goal of industrialization. Actively link up with industry-specific projects, continue to implement the “311” project, break through 30 key core technologies, develop about 100 new products, and transform 100 or so technical achievements. We will appropriately expand the scope of support for the promotion and application of the first (sets) of major technical equipment and the first batch of key new materials, and fully complete the task of popularizing and applying new energy vehicles. Carry out pilots to deploy innovation chains around the industrial chain. The second is to promote the development of agglomeration by improving the efficiency of resource allocation. Implement the "135" project of innovation and entrepreneurship park development, guide all types of industrial enterprises to concentrate in the park, and strive to declare and create 2 to 3 state-level industrialization industrial demonstration bases and entrepreneurial bases to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Guide the development of enterprises to agglomeration and build a batch of 100 billion clusters. The third is to promote the equipment manufacturing industry as soon as possible to reach a trillion yuan step. In areas such as rail transit, construction machinery, aerospace, industrial robots, additive manufacturing, etc., which have comparative advantages, a group of major technical projects are organized to break through a batch of key common technologies. In the steel, petrochemical, textile, light industry, electronic information, civilian explosion, exploration and mining and other fields to carry out smart application demonstration. The fourth is to promote the development of integration by identifying and nurturing new businesses. Actively docking the pilot project of intelligent manufacturing and special action of broadband China 2015, vigorously develop the smart manufacturing industry. The leading group meeting for the integration of Hunan military and civilian development will be held in the near future and will be specially deployed to carry out special operations for the in-depth development of military and civilian integration. Discover and nurture new industries and new industries created by the cross-border integration of production, production, education, and medicine, and promote the integration of industrial enterprises.

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