Jiangmen CIMC launches new 32-cubic lightweight powder tanker

With the implementation of the new regulations of 9.21, lightweight has become the focus of the market, and more and more attention has been paid. CIMC Vehicle (Jiangmen City) Co., Ltd., as the largest and most professional tank car production base in South China, has invested a lot of scientific research strength in recent years, constantly improving the structure and technology of products, improving product performance and design. Developed a new generation of 32 cubic lightweight powder tanker products. The car has the characteristics of light weight, fast unloading, convenient operation and reliable quality. After the implementation of the 49-ton limit new regulation, the car can help users to load more and meet more requirements in accordance with national standards, so that users can make more money and less maintenance. The model is currently on the market.

DIN Flanges

In strict accordance with ISO 9001:20015 and DIN Flanges;
1.Make process card and quality plan
2.Choose the qualified raw material and do incoming test, not allowed
nonconforming material to enter into production process;
3.Producing and testing followed the quality documents
4.Be good at Quality records and product identification to ensure the product
5.Do the final inspection to ensure 100% of pass.

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