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Company NameJiangxi Jiangling Motor Group Motor Home Vehicle [1]

Company Profile [1]Jiangxi Jiangling Motor Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 and is affiliated to Jiangling Motors Group. It is located in Nanchang Xiaolan Economic Development Zone, Jiangxi Province National Economic Development Zone. It is invested 20 million in development, production and sales. Leading Chinese-foreign joint ventures for high-end products such as commercial vehicles, RVs and police cars. Jiangxi Jiangling Motor Group Co., Ltd. covers an area of ​​74 acres and over 95% of engineering and technical personnel have bachelor degree or above, including senior talents such as Dr. Returnees and masters of first-rate domestic universities, and maintain long-term technical cooperation with foreign RV companies. , has a wealth of industry experience. The company's products have a well-established marketing and after-sales service network throughout the country, and various products have been widely praised by domestic users. Jiangling Motors Corporation is a key enterprise in China's auto industry and a national auto vehicle export base company. In 2006, its sales revenue ranked 239th among China’s top 500 enterprise groups, and ranked 25th among China's top 500 machinery enterprises. Its existing total assets were 14.89 billion yuan. Yuan, with net assets of 6.1 billion.

Adhering to the introduction of Europe and the United States advanced concepts of automotive life, leading the mission of China's national car consumption concept, the company has always insisted on becoming "the most outstanding domestic car company." Through continuous innovation, the company researches and develops new products to meet the needs of families, business people, government agencies, and government agencies, and enhances customer satisfaction. It always adheres to people-oriented, respects talents and provides every employee with a broad space for development and good Work environment, improve employee satisfaction.
Adhering to the service tenet of “serving every employee and serving every customer”, Jiangling Motors Group will become the most respected and most professional traveler in China with pioneering spirit of continuous improvement and innovation. Car company.

Company Business [2] Jiangxi Jiangling Motor Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech subsidiary company of Jiangling Group that specializes in designing and manufacturing RVs, residential vehicles, commercial vehicles, police vehicles, and medical vehicles. Commercial and commercial vehicles [3] are used for business tourism reception.

Travel RVs [4] are mainly used for personal travel reception.

Off-road vehicles [5] are mainly used for travel in the wild.

Trailer Trailer [6] Trailer Trailer

The flagship commercial vehicle [7] is used for business reception.

Premium commercial vehicle [8] is used for business reception.

Luxury Class Business Vehicle [9] Advanced Business Reception

Special Police Car [10] Police Car.

Other Parts (Air Suspension) Auto Accessories

[11] Ford original air suspension
Applicable models: Transit long axis V348
Specifications: Rear tire air suspension
Product Features:
a) height sensor + air pump adjustment feedback system to improve complex road conditions processing capabilities;
b) Chassis height adjustment function to facilitate the transport of goods up and down;
c) The airbag regulates the uniform distribution of the axle loads of the axles and provides better driving maneuverability;
d) Shock absorber + airbag double shock absorber system to enhance ride comfort;
e) Reduce the damage to the vehicle body caused by road vibrations and extend the service life of the vehicle.
The new generation of Transit uses the newly developed Ford original rear axle rear single air suspension system. The system is tailor-made for the Ford Transit V348 and all properties are perfectly matched to the original V348 specifications, which further enhances comfort, stability and safety.
Whether your new generation of Ford is for business reception, family travel, medical care, communications command, or transporting valuable animals and plants, this air suspension system will be your wise choice.
Technical Parameters:
Operating voltage: 12V
Rated current: 26A
Starting current: ≤ 120A Start-up time ≤ 100ms
Waterproof rating: IP68
Spring pressure: 10-13 KPa
Driving height: 130mm
Maximum lifting height: 40mm
The maximum drop height: 60mm
Suspension total weight: 86kg

Company address 2388 Yingbin Avenue, Xiaolan Economic Development Zone, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province [12]

Jewelry Scale

Minimum capacity not less than 300g, maximum not more than 2kg.

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