Jinyun JG-250550 laser cutting machine came out

On January 18th, a Volvo truck slowly entered the Jinyun Laser Industrial Park, and spent a half-day effort. Finally, the largest laser cutting machine JG-250550 (processed size 2500mmx5500mm) produced by Jinyun has been requested. "On the car, at this time, a Sino-foreign joint venture home textile enterprise located in Jiangsu and Zhejiang has long been waiting.

If you want to talk about the origin of this model, it can be traced back to the March 2006 Dongguan International Clothing Exhibition. Because Jinyun's various technologies have a good reputation in the industry, when the first cutting machine JG-160300 was unveiled in Dongguan, it attracted the attention of many clothing manufacturers because of its beautiful appearance and perfect functional configuration.

With the gradual upgrading of technology and the successful cooperation with many companies, 2500mmx3000mm and other large-format, superior performance laser cutting machines have been introduced, especially this ultra-large format JG-250550, which is the laser cutting machine. The application has been upgraded to a new level of technology.

This laser cutting machine has all the features of the general laser cutting machine, and can combine mass production and personalized cutting, integrating drawing, modification and cutting functions, which not only saves complicated procedures, but also doubles the number. Production efficiency has achieved tailoring on industrial production lines.

In addition to the advantages of mass production and large format, this model is irreplaceable for the processing of special fabrics, especially for seamless bonding, such as seamless underwear fabrics, swimwear, ski wear, wedding dresses, and guards. The cutting of supplies and home textile fabrics is unmatched by many other cutting equipment. For a simple example, in the case of the stitching of the garment pocket, this process is implemented by hand or a knife in the traditional operation mode, and the biggest disadvantage of this mode is the roughness, the edge and the size of the piece. Different, and in the processing of high-end clothing and special fabrics, it is difficult to meet high-quality processing needs.

In order to get the product quality to a new level, we must seek a new cutting process. The emergence of laser cutting machines has successfully met the needs of the industry. Due to the non-contact processing principle of laser and the adjustable power, no fabric can be edged or browned during processing. Under the protection of numerical control technology, there is no need to worry about the appearance of jagged products. It also ensures the smoothness, beauty and seamlessness of the bonding process.

In the field of home textiles, since the fabrics of the home textile industry are large-format, the minimum width is more than 1.6 meters, which undoubtedly puts higher requirements on the overall structure of the cutting machine in terms of balance, stability and performance. These are not problems for Jinyun. Jinyun's leading global mechanical and optical path design has already won the recognition of users. For example: the unique motion control software of the device ensures that the high-speed motion flexible processing of the laser head has no overshoot and hysteresis; the software can match the garment CAD to design the output immediately, and the pattern beyond the cutting machine format can be automatically continuous. Output, automatic automatic production; the device is also equipped with a camera to scan large-format irregular graphics to obtain contour graphics, and then typesetting and cutting; in addition, the laser cutting machine can also cooperate with multi-layer automatic feeding device for continuous continuous Layer cutting processing, mass production; environmentally-friendly closed design, perfect exhaust and exhaust functions, also avoiding production pollution and easy maintenance.

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