KV2300 series inverter guarantees production continuity

R&D enterprise: Comlon Electric Technology Co., Ltd. Features: Non-inductive vector control technology provides greater torque when the motor runs at low speed; 300% overload capability ensures that the system does not trip if the load is abrupt.
KV2300 series inverter is another new inverter product introduced by Comlon Electric Technology (Asia) Co., Ltd. following KV2000 non-inductive vector inverter. This product can be widely used in conveyor belts, extruders, hoists and fans, pump loads. From its own products to CNC machine tools, textile machinery and Other engineering projects, high-precision control and high-efficiency energy-saving features have been greatly improved in many fields than KV2000 products.
The KV2300 series inverter is a new generation of multi-function standard inverters. It uses advanced sensorless-vector control technology to provide greater torque for low-speed operation of the motor and automatically compensates for high-load motors. The speed of the change. The AC drive is used to control the speed and torque of the motor, which not only expands the speed range of the motor speed, but also changes the motor speed from zero to above the rated speed, and improves the production efficiency during the transmission process. To achieve energy savings.
This series of motors has good dynamic characteristics and super overload capability, reaching 60 seconds at 200%, 30 seconds at 250%, and instant protection at 300%. The 300% overload capability ensures that the system does not trip in the event of a sudden load change, thus ensuring continuity of the production process.
The high performance and versatility of true current vector control allows a wide range of mechanical equipment to operate in high efficiency and high precision. KV2300 series adopts non-inductive vector control technology. The motor has high torque at low speed, high speed precision and complete functions. It can automatically detect the dynamic running parameters of the motor and make corresponding adjustments to ensure the motor runs at the highest efficiency.
In addition, the series of inverters also use IP54 protection level, successfully reducing the adverse effects on the motor and power supply, solving the potential problems of the inverter, and improving the level of mechanical equipment.

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