Longli mechanical weaving special loom trial production

Recently, the LL680W-380cm wide-weave special industrial looms developed by Wuxi Longli Machinery Co., Ltd. were successfully tested. The machine can reach a width of 3.8 meters.
It is understood that LL680W-380cm wide weave special industrial looms can weave ordinary plain weave and weave mesh. The machine adopts the machine to take up, the diameter can reach 1200~1600 millimeters. The device uses a machine outside the creel to send warp, the opening of the cam opening mechanism, the movement of the brown frame can be adjusted according to the needs of the fabric. The machine has high efficiency and good product quality, and it has been recognized by customers. The successful research and development of LL680W-380cm wide weaving special industrial looms made Longli Company take a big step forward in the production of industrial special width weaving looms and provided a new choice for China's specialty weaving fields.

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