Method for real-time monitoring of soil moisture in arid land

Through relevant meteorological conditions, the relevant amendments to the increase in soil moisture and loss were made, and the corresponding predictions of soil moisture were made. Finally, the soil moisture level real-time monitoring system's forecast results were used to compare the local soil drought level indicators, so that quick and accurate drought forecast could be made at any time. It provides timely and reliable decision-making basis for leaders at all levels to organize and direct agricultural production, carry out shadowing operations, and guide farmers in field management.

Due to the randomness of the manual measurements, the comparison between the manual observations and the automatic observation data of the soil moisture real-time monitoring system can only serve as a reference and cannot be completely consistent. However, from the perspective of long-term data applications, soil moisture monitoring based on automatic soil moisture stations and drought prediction models are convenient and stable, and the trend of reaction water changes is more continuous.

Combined with the real-time monitoring system of soil moisture to study the water requirements of maize crops and the results of continuous drought response, we first consider the calculation of root water consumption at different growth stages. According to different data, we divide the field water volume changes into four different periods: before and after spring planting From the end of the three-leaf stage, the end of the three-leaf stage to the beginning of the jointing stage, the beginning of the jointing stage to the end of the silking stage, the end of the silking stage to the full-maturity stage, the following no-rainfall curve and the beginning of the jointing period to the end of the silking period from the sowing of corn to the end of the three-leaf stage. The precipitation increase curve is an example.

The real-time soil moisture monitoring system can calculate the daily amount of loss under different conditions (the conversion part of the rainy period is omitted, and only the loss under no-rain conditions is calculated). According to the group statistics of the different periods of corn growth, the soil moisture change trend during the four periods without rainfall was calculated, and the daily loss amount was calculated. Then statistically use the typical different growth period, draw the forecast relation line with the data of daily loss without rainfall, and make a trend line.

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