Over-breaking roof measures

Our team of construction two 1-11170 face complex geology, coal layers occurrence unstable, easily sloughing, resulting in relatively roof mining face broken, go stand oblique, crowded planes, surface mining has seriously hampered the normal advance; therefore must promote production The support for the face support is adjusted to ensure safe production. This safety technical measure is specially prepared.

First, the method of adjusting the face

1. The mining surface adjustment bracket must be carried out during the propulsion process.

2. The top plate must be maintained before the surface is adjusted to prevent the roof from falling.

3. During the adjustment of the mining face bracket, the conveyor should be straight and pseudo-tilted to keep the forward direction, and the top beam of the bracket should be leveled in time, the elevation angle is ≤70; ensure the strength of the roof of the bracket.

4. The coal seam in the mining face changes greatly, and the super-high section must strengthen the sloping and lower the mining height; and timely raise the legs to adjust the frame to ensure the strength of the roof of the bracket.

5, since the upper surface of mining coal seams into powder, easily sloughing, a lower coal into a solid form, strength of the hard; Gao doing so take the upper plane surface mining seam; after each artificial Gao to promptly laying plane metal net, rack To the shed support, a set of brackets and two sheds, the shed is 750mm, the beam is 180×2000mm round or 180×2000mm, the beams are perpendicular to the coal wall and parallel to each other, and one end is pressed on the front beam of the bracket not less than 200mm. the other end is against the coal wall, using his legs or DZ-18 DZ-25 column monomers, monomers for vertical pillar supporting the roof and floor, setting load of not less than 90KN; monomer with a column of the log and # 8 iron wire Chaining to prevent the column from hurting people. The coal wall should be protected by metal mesh, bamboo rafts and semi-circular wood.

Second, pay attention to the advancement of mining face

(1) Precautions for gun mining

For the broken section of the top surface of the mining face, manual blasting, clearing the coal, and then pushing and sliding the frame;

1. Arrangement of blasthole: eye depth 0.8m, eye distance 0.7m, eye hole 0.4 m from the bottom plate, and the angle between the bottom plate and the bottom plate 30°-45° is positively charged, one eye is filled with a water cannon mud, and the other is filled with cannon mud. Full, series detonation, the number of detonation shall not exceed three.

2. Note on shooting:

(1) The blasting and drilling uses a hand-held hydraulic drilling rig , hereinafter referred to as a hydraulic drill. It is necessary to suspend the portable instrument at the upwind flow at a point of 5m, and monitor the gas dynamics in time. The gas is overrun and the operation is prohibited.

(2) Before checking, check whether the tools used are complete, whether the hydraulic drill is running normally, whether there is any leakage in the pipeline, observe the roof and bracket of the eye-catching location, first knock on the top, and remove the umbrella and live. operation.

(3) Before the eye is supplied, the hydraulic drilling machine is supplied to the liquid returning side and connected to the adjacent bracket operating valve. According to the hydraulic drilling liquid supply side, the bracket plate valve is used for liquid supply. When the eye is drilled, the pipe is hung on the mining surface and is not allowed to be placed on the conveyor. After the trough is finished, place the rig at 30 meters outside the coal wall of the wind lane, and hang the bracket in a complete and dry place.

(4) Before the eyes are opened, the roof board must be inspected, which is not good for the roof board and is maintained in advance;

(5) When the personnel enter the side of the coal wall, strictly implement the system of knocking and helping the top, and dispose of the live rafts in the slips in advance, and the active and endangered rocks of the coal walls are disposed of in advance;

(6) Before the eyes are opened, the transporter and the shearer must be shut down to prevent malfunctions;

(7), the face-lifting personnel must cooperate with each other, and strictly slip or drop the injured;

(8) Before the eyes are opened, the squad leader appropriately adjusts the eye distance and the amount of charge and the number of blastholes according to the condition of the top plate of the bracket. It is forbidden to enlarge the cannon; the face piece is severely helped, and when the roof is broken, insist on “putting one eye, putting one eye, maintaining One time, the principle of manual planing. The blasting can only be continued when it is confirmed that there is no danger, and the sequence of “top-down, first-eye and top-eye” is strictly enforced, and the charge per eye is not more than 150g.

(9), the bus should be used blasting bifurcated core insulation of copper wires, it prohibited the use of bare aluminum wire, except for using a single insulated bus blasting circuit. Do not use track, conveyor, for pipes and other circuit conductors.

(10), blasting busbars, electric detonator footings, must be entangled with each other before blasting, not allowed to contact with metal pipes, cables, conveyor slots, etc.

(11), the blasting busbar is connected to the foot line, check the line, and the charging work is only allowed to be operated by one blaster, and it is strictly forbidden to replace it.

(12) Before blasting, take necessary protective equipment for the old belts of the brackets, water pipes, cables and other equipment at the blasting site to avoid collapse. The cable without cable clamps near the lower and lower conveyors of the transporter is protected by broken skin. Etc. also takes the necessary measures.

(13) Before the blasting, the team leader will arrange a special person to set up a warning line. The security personnel must guard in a safe place with cover and hang up the warning sign (rope) to prevent personnel from entering the warning zone.

(14) Strictly implement the “one shot and three inspections” and “three-person interlocking blasting system”. After the blaster receives the blasting order, the blaster will issue a warning sign for at least 5 seconds before blasting.

(15) When there is no blasting after power-on, the blaster should remove the knob and pull out the key, and the busbar is removed from the squib and twisted into a short circuit to check along the circuit to find out the cause of the ringing.

(16) When the blasthole is installed on duty, it must be finished on duty. In special circumstances, the blasthole that has not been put on duty in the shift, the blaster on duty must be clear on the scene.

(17) The length of the roof exposed by the blasting along the mining surface is not more than 3m.

(18), the treatment of refusal and residual explosion must be carried out under the guidance of the team leader, when the shift is completed, if the shift is not processed, the blaster on duty must be cleared to the blaster. The method of refusing the explosion is strictly in accordance with the "Safety Regulations for Coal Mines". Article 342 shall be carried out in accordance with Article 329 of the “Safety Regulations for Coal Mines” when blasting large coal (rock) blocks, and bare blasting shall be strictly prohibited.

(19) The explosive materials that are used in the class should be put back into the explosive material box. The explosive material box is placed in the dry place of the tool room and locked, and the blaster returns to the explosive material library. It is strictly prohibited to throw it into the well or bring it to the well.

(20), the distance from the cannon: strictly in accordance with the requirements of the anti-burst measures.

(2) Precautions for maintaining the top board

1. The front frame must be pulled in time and the bracket adjusted to ensure that the bracket effectively supports the top plate.

2. Appropriately reduce the mining height and keep the mining height at about 2.4m.

3, the mining face bracket must be replenished in time to ensure sufficient initial support.

4, roof maintenance:

1 When the distance between the front beam and the coal wall is 300-500mm, firstly, the coal wall should be placed close to the coal wall, and then the large plate or the two sides should be erected along the inclination, and one large plate should be used to hit two single columns to support the coal wall. The top area, and then use the large plate to the bracket top beam to the empty top space of the coal wall to brake the back tight, the spacing of the single column is 1.0m.

2 When the front beam of the bracket is more than 500m away from the end face of the coal wall, it is necessary to erect the Shunshan shed along the round and semi-circular wood of the bracket top beam and the semi-circular wood, and lay the metal mesh on the mountain shed on the brake roof. To prevent the coal wall piece from causing the top to fall. Or use the erection along the strike erection, a set of brackets and two sheds, the shed distance is 0.75m, the beam is flat on both sides (140×140×1100mm), the front beam of the bracket is at least 200mm, one beam and two columns, the column spacing is 0.6-0.8 m, the side of the coal wall is close to the help of a single column, the beam head is close to the coal wall.

Note for 3 sheds:

A. When personnel enter the side of the coal wall, the system of knocking the top must be strictly implemented;

B. The shed will prepare the materials, supporting materials and hydraulic guns;

C. The shed must be descended from the top of the top surface of the mining face, and a shed will be used to protect the top and back, and then the next shed will be carried out.

D. It is necessary to block the flood control facilities above the construction personnel to prevent the rolling and hurting people;

E. When the personnel are working on the side of the coal wall, a special person is set to observe the mountain, and it is strictly forbidden for the personnel to mishandle the handle;

F, when the top is not allowed to operate in parallel with other types of work;

H, brake top note: Before the brake top, you must carefully observe the top plate of the top range. After the top plate is completely stabilized, use the long tool to treat the live rock. From the top to bottom, from the edge to the top. In the middle, the ladder must be set up to clear the road, and the old workers with the experience should be arranged to brake the roof.

4 When hitting the help column, the concrete column should be used, and the single column must be hit on the solid bottom, and the initial support force is not less than 90KN.

5. When the shift is over, the coal machine is not allowed to stop at the broken part of the roof.

6. During the process of pulling the frame, the balance jack must be adjusted in time to ensure that the front beam and the top plate are in contact with each other to prevent point or line contact.

7. When pulling the frame, the front beam must be tightly pressed against the coal wall by the front frame, and the gap between the front beam and the coal wall should be eliminated to prevent the meteorite on the top beam of the bracket from leaking into the slipper, causing the bracket to be unacceptable.

8. If the bracket is pulled out, there is still a gap between the front beam and the coal wall. Maintenance must be carried out, and temporary support (use the front stencil or temporary shed to support the roof) to prevent the empty roof.

9, using short large plate, metal mesh (mesh 5 × 5mm, mesh is 8 #), bamboo rafts to seal the gap between the bracket and the coal wall to prevent leakage.

(3) Precautions for picking up the Internet

The metal mesh must be laid when the mining face is propelled.

1. The laying process is as follows:

After the mining surface has been pushed and slid, the paving network will be started, and the networking will be carried out from top to bottom to ensure that the metal mesh is laid flat and paved. The new net is pressed against the side of the coal wall hanging from the old net, and the stride is 600mm. It tends to overlap 500mm. When networking, the mesh hook is hooked to the metal mesh and tightened, and the tie points are arranged in a double-row triangle according to the edge of the two nets. The spacing of the tie points is along the strike length (the mesh edge must be扎) The spacing along the inclination is not more than 200mm, and the middle is added with a knot, and the spacing is not more than 200mm.

2 Hanging net: Set the net hook under the front beam of the bracket. After each networking, the net fold must be hung under the front beam of the bracket so that the shearer can normally cut coal along the top without cutting the net.

3 put the net: When the shearer passes, the metal mesh folded under the front beam is put down to prepare for the transfer.

2. There must be more than three people working together when laying the net. There are special people watching the mountain and operating the handlebars.

3. Before entering the side of the coal wall, personnel must strictly implement the system of knocking and helping the top, handling the umbrellas and live cockroaches in advance, preventing the gangs from falling or smashing the wounds; at the same time, the personnel must stop the slipper and the shearer when entering the side of the coal wall. And the power is blocked.

4. Personnel entering the coal wall side must be in good contact with each type of work or each booth. The bracket handles should be strictly guarded and parallel operation is strictly prohibited.

5. The coal mining machine is strictly forbidden to cut the net. When the net is cut, it must be placed in time.

6. When the net is pressed, if the top beam cannot be lowered before the top plate is broken, the shed should be erected on both sides of the bracket. The shed beam is made of large plates, one beam and two columns. The large plate provokes the metal mesh, then moves the frame, so that the net can be eaten on the beam, and the shed is set up for more than three people. One column hits the side of the coal wall, and one column hits the side of the old pond. Ask the top system.

7. When paving the network, it is necessary to block the large gap of the bracket with large plates, bamboo rafts, slabs, etc., to prevent the smashing of the net into a net pocket, and the net bag must be processed in time, and the net must be replenished after being broken.

8. When paving the network, the coal blocks and vermiculite on both sides of the slipper should be disposed of in advance.

9. Pulling the bracket must be coordinated by two people, one person to move the frame, one person to observe, to prevent hanging nets or tearing the net.

Third, coal wall frame lead shed considerations

1 Before starting construction, materials and supporting materials must be prepared.

2 When personnel enter the coal wall operation, they must strictly implement the knock-out top system, and set up a special person to observe the mountain and watch the bracket to operate the handlebars to prevent malfunction or damage.

3 When the coal wall frame shed, no less than 3 people work together, find a single column fulcrum to quickly erect the log or the two sides, shorten the exposure time of the top plate, and ensure the effective time of the roof support.

When the coal wall frame is ahead of the shed, the long rafter is used, and one frame must be planed. It is strictly forbidden to construct multiple sites at the same location. When cleaning up coal, personnel must first dispose of the umbrella of the coal wall to prevent the piece from hurting people and prevent the column root from clearing out.

5 After manual planing, use the semi-circular wood, single column and other temporary support roof according to the condition of the top plate, then brush and brush the top.

6 When you change the shed or change the column, you must first change it.

7 All pillars must be reasonable and supportive. The initial support force of the single column must be greater than 90KN, and there are anti-fall measures.

8 mining face coal wall must be inspected and maintained by the shift class, timely replenishing the single column, maintaining the shed to replace the broken beam in time; preventing the unloading of the single column and causing the roof to fall off.

9 mining face must strengthen the inspection tour every class, timely support to ensure safety.

Fourth, other matters needing attention

(1), matters needing attention

1. The frame must be carried out under the unified command of the team leader. Before the frame is adjusted, find the location. Generally, find a place with a large gap between the supports.

2. Before adjusting the frame, you must first determine the direction in which the bracket collapses. Then find the force point of the single column, let the monomer column supply liquid, and slowly support the bracket.

3. In order to reduce the resistance during the support, when the single column is supplied with liquid, it must be lowered at the same time, so that the top beam of the bracket is slightly separated from the top plate.

4. The specific steps of the racking: the conveyor belt is pushed to the coal wall (the bracket can be pulled) → the roof is maintained → the position of the opening is determined → the pillar support point is determined → the single column is supported → the frame is lowered, the frame is pulled, and the monomer column is supplied Support.

5. When using the single column support frame, you should choose a reliable fulcrum. Use a rope or 12# wire to clamp the single column. When working, 3-4 people cooperate, find the support point of the column, and the iron on the iron. The place is padded with wooden boards or leather slips. One person slowly supplies pressure at a safe place 10 meters away. After waiting for the top of the single column to be firmly fixed, the force is slightly weakened. The personnel are hiding 10 meters away, and then gradually increase the pressure. To make the single column fully stressed, use the rope or 12# wire to smash the ends of the single column, and the personnel should hide in the place where the single column cannot be bounced to prevent injury. The operator uses the adjacent frame to operate, and the body hides under the cover beam behind the column, leaving the place where the column may be bounced.

6. When adjusting the frame, the operator must set up a barrier to prevent people from being injured.

7. When adjusting the frame, it is necessary to block the gap between the frames with large plates and bamboo rafts to prevent the cockroaches from being injured.

8. After the bracket is righted, if the top beam of the bracket is not solid, the bracket will trip again. At this time, the semi-circle or square wood must be placed under the bracket frame to make the foot stand.

9. When adjusting the frame, the support should be temporarily supported by the pillars to prevent the bracket from falling naturally.

10. The ends of the jacks should be firmly connected, and the links should be fixed with screws. When using a jack, personnel must hide from a broken chain or a place where the hook may be injured.

11. Within the scope of the work, it is strictly forbidden for pedestrians or people to stay during the operation. All personnel are hiding in a safe place 10 meters away from the operation point.

12. It is strictly forbidden to use shearer and transporter to adjust the frame.

13. When adjusting the frame, the top plate must be maintained in advance, and the maintenance should be carried out while adjusting the frame to prevent the roof accident when the frame is adjusted.

(B), deal with the top measures

According to the situation that the mining surface is easy to roll, when entering the mining operation, the personnel must insist on maintaining the top plate first, prevent the meteorite from rolling down, and at the same time, prevent the rolling safety measures, and then dispose of the top and the slipper.

1. When handling the top, the top plate must be maintained first. The top-down method should be used to temporarily support the top plate. The specific method is as follows:

1 For the distance between the front beam and the coal wall face is less than 500mm, the beam is made of two sides (1100×140×140mm), one beam and two columns, along the inclined frame of the mountain shed, the column spacing is 600mm, which is used as temporary support.

2When the distance between the front beam and the coal wall face is more than 500mm, the round top and the semi-round wood tied with the steel beam at the top beam of the bracket are used to erect the mountain shed along the inclined roof, and the metal mesh is laid on the mountain shed on the brake roof. To prevent the coal wall piece from causing the top to fall.

2, after falling off the top of the accumulation process

After falling off the top, the meteorites are piled up on the transporter. When the personnel cleans up, first use a single column to row a row of columns along the side of the shovel. The column spacing is 500mm. The single column is connected to the front beam of the bracket with wire 8#. The column head is struck on the front beam of the bracket, and a large plate is inserted on the side of the single column coal wall to seal the rock which is easy to roll off the coal wall to prevent rolling off;

1 All the handles of the mining face bracket are in the zero position, and the stop valve of the frame is closed to prevent the smashing of the smashing stone to the handlebar.

2 large pieces of meteorites must be crushed with a sledgehammer in the face and placed in the slipper.

3 The picking and cleaning personnel must stand in a safe place under the bracket. When the rolling stone is on, the personnel can dodge, and the clearing personnel must do self-protection and mutual insurance.

4 The mining surface must ensure that the signal of the transporter is smooth and sensitive, ensuring that the clearing personnel can grasp the slippage of the slipper in time.

5 The shearer must be powered off and locked.

5. Other unfinished matters shall be strictly implemented in accordance with supplementary measures and three major procedures.

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