Pay attention to these points when using the whiteness meter

A good grain and oil product is composed of many aspects of quality. Therefore, to ensure the quality of grain and oil products such as flour, it is necessary to use modern scientific instruments to carry out professional testing and analysis in various aspects, and use it as a basis Control and optimize. In flour quality testing, the whiteness meter is an instrument dedicated to the detection and analysis of flour whiteness. It has the advantages of simple operation, fast measurement, and intuitive results display. It is welcomed by industry personnel and has a wide range of applications. During the use of the whiteness meter , in order to ensure the standardization of the detection, the following points should be paid attention to during use:

1. Please read the manual before operating the whiteness meter.

2. Keep the optical parts of the whiteness meter clean. Do not touch the optical parts with your hands. For example, if the optical parts are dusty, you should use an ear wash ball to blow off the surface dust or wipe with lens-cleaning paper. Wipe the surface of the part with an absorbent cotton ball dipped in absolute alcohol. Put on dust cover when not in use.

3. The working standard whiteboard and the reference standard whiteboard are used for calibration and calibration when the instrument is working. The surface must be kept clean, especially the working standard whiteboard. It must not be exposed to dust, to avoid artificially affecting its nominal value. The reference standard whiteboard should be used to calibrate the instrument. The value of the reference standard whiteboard is transmitted by the random working standard whiteboard standard value. When working, pay attention to the orientation of the whiteboard, and the marked side should face the operator.

4. Before starting up, use a clean, lint-free cotton cloth or paper to wipe the sample seat of the instrument at the measurement port to avoid contamination of the white board and test samples.

5. When the equipment is powered on, it must be completely grounded to ensure the safety of the operator's life.

6. The surface of the sample to be tested by the whiteness meter must be even and flat, and the consistency of the sample in the vertical and horizontal directions should be maintained when the test is repeated.

The above is the introduction of the precautions for the standard use of the whiteness meter. I hope it will be helpful for everyone to operate and use the meter.

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