Penalized wedding car for a van without penalty at high speed

For a high speed over speed is not punished a van disguised wedding car diesel generator | Diesel Generator Price / 2010-08-27

A red van hanging on the green, hanging in front of the car with big red flowers, red ribbons on both sides of the car, the license plate attached to the "better for a hundred years", can be described as a full set of wedding equipment, high-speed traffic police can check, wedding cars actually have "cottage In the edition, everything was done in order to speedily run at high speed, and the illegal traffic police deliberately blocked the number plates in accordance with the law, and it was fined 200 yuan, with 6 points.
At 11:00 a.m. yesterday morning, when a policeman on duty from the Yellow River Bridge of the Henan High-speed Corps patrolled the 628km east half of the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao high-speed highway, he saw a van (Yu-HG0***) slowly entering the high-speed car from the Yuanyang Toll Gate. On the red hanging green: the front of the car hanging big red flowers, red reflective belt on both sides of the car with a red ribbon, the license plate attached to the "good luck for a hundred years", a newly-married couple's appearance, the police signaled the car aside parking, a look All the people in the car are migrant workers. The big bag and small bag pulls a car, unlike a wedding vehicle. In the enquiry of the police, the passengers in the car told the truth: The passengers in the original car had to go to work in Zhengzhou, just a few people gathered together, and they decided to make a van from Yuanyang's home to Zhengzhou. Wu Wu, the van driver, took over the work. Wu quickly snapped back at the high speed and was not caught by the electronic eye. He was wearing a red and green fake wedding car on the front of the car, the license plate, and the mirror of the vehicle. The result did not expect to be caught right after the high speed. The illegal traffic police deliberately obstructed the number plate was fined 200 yuan, with 6 points recorded. Finish
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