Profession Auto Parts Wholesale Switch Fit For all Kinds Of Brand Cars

keyword: Auto Switch
Trademark: issyzone
Transport Package: Box, Carton
Specification: same as OEM
Origin: Guangdong
Description Auto Switch
Product type Auto Switch
Car make Fit For all Kinds Of Brand Cars
Fit for Fit For all Kinds Of Brand Cars
Quality The same as OEM
Colour Black
Size The same as OEM
Logo Without logo
Sample 1 piece
MOQ 10 pcs
Packing PVC packing, Bubble packing, Carton packing
Delivery time Normally is 3-7 days after payment cleared
Product feature Produced by environmental plastic material, non-toxic, anti-burning
Customer service We provide professional ODM services and Procurement services

Profession Auto Parts Wholesale Switch Fit For all Kinds Of Brand Cars
Profession Auto Parts Wholesale Switch Fit For all Kinds Of Brand Cars

Profession Auto Parts Wholesale Switch Fit For all Kinds Of Brand Cars

Q1: How do I know that you have sent out the parts?
A1: Once the parts have been sent out, the tracking number will be provided so that you can check where your goods at all times.

Q2: How is your quality control?
A2: We have a professional QC team with the strong sense of responsibility.We maintain tight control over production from raw materials to finish products.Every working procedure is monitored by our specialists to ensure the high quality.

Q3: What can I do if I could not find the goods on your website?
A3: You're warmly welcomed to contact our sales with specific information (such as OE number, and the pictures of back side, front side and pin configuration etc), so that we can check it for you whether we can make the item or not.

Q4: What is your sample policy?
A4: We can provide samples for your quality testing if it is needed based on our discussion.

Q5: Where can we have face to face talk with your company about the business?
A5: Auto Parts show around the world, and also we warmly welcome your visit to our company.

Profession Auto Parts Wholesale Switch Fit For all Kinds Of Brand Cars


Gas Spring:

It consists of the following parts: pressure cylinder, piston rod, piston, sealing guide sleeve, filler (inert gas or oil and gas mixture), cylinder and cylinder control element the control element (of a controllable Gas Spring) and joint. Principle is in the closed pressure cylinder filled with inert gas or oil and gas mixture, the cavity is higher than atmospheric pressure several times or dozens of times, the cross-sectional area of the cross-sectional area of the piston rod is smaller than the piston to produce pressure difference to achieve the movement of the piston rod. Due to the different fundamental principle, the gas spring than ordinary spring has the advantages of obvious: speed is relatively slow, dynamic force changes little (within 1:1.2), easy to control.


The relative disadvantage is no small volume spiral spring, high cost, relatively short life. Unlike the mechanical spring, air spring has a nearly linear elastic curve. X between elastic coefficient of the gas spring 1.2 and standard 1.4, other parameters according to the requirements and conditions of flexible definition.



According to the characteristics and applications of different gas spring, also known as the supporting rod, air support, recliner, pressure rod, dampers etc. according to the structure and function of the gas spring to classify gas spring free type gas spring, self-locking gas spring, pull type gas springs, random stop gas spring, gas swivel chair spring damper, pressure rod,Self Locking Gas Spring,Auto Gas Spring,Industrial Gas Spring, Groove Gas Spring,Stretching Gas Spring,Office Furniture Gas Spring, etc.. Several products in the automotive, aerospace, medical equipment, furniture, machinery manufacturing and other fields have been widely used.


Structure and Function:

Gas spring is a kind of lifting spring can be labor-saving, can be divided into self locking gas spring (such as the bottom of the lifting seat backrest, boss chair, etc.) can not be self locking gas spring (lifting support such as car trunk, closet doors), the structure of the gas spring is mainly composed of a sleeve, a piston and a piston. Bar, with a high pressure air or high pressure nitrogen in the sleeve, due to the pressure difference between the ends of the piston area ranging, push the piston and piston rod movement and support people or objects.


How to Select the Right Gas Spring:

Quality evaluation of a gas spring quality mainly from the following aspects: first is the seal, if good sealing will appear in the process of using oil spills, leakage and other phenomena; second is the precision, such as the need to 500N the gas spring force, some manufacturers out of the error is not more than 2n, some manufacturers of the products may and the actual needs of the 500N is quite far; again the use of life, the life of its fully retractable count; the last is in the process of the force value change, gas spring under ideal condition should force values remain constant throughout the trip. But due to the factors of design and manufacture, the gas during the spring force value inevitably changes. But the magnitude of change is an important criterion to measure the quality of the gas spring, the magnitude of change is small, the better the quality of the gas spring, and vice versa Worse!

Gas Spring

Gas Spring

Gas Spring,Stretching Gas Spring,Office Furniture Gas Spring,Lockable Gas Spring

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