RFID handset solves store management problems efficiently

Due to the rapid development of the current clothing chain, store management is increasingly important. The rapid delivery of goods into and out of the warehouse through the RFID handset at the headquarters warehouse will shorten the overall lead time. In addition, real-time statistics and rapid replenishment are realized in stores to achieve efficient operation, sales promotion and statistical consumption habits. According to the logistics information, the channel logistics information can be tracked in real time, the goods can be prevented from being picked up, the illegal online sales can be implemented, and the channel management policy can be implemented.
After the arrival of the goods, the operator called out the arrival notice of the goods waiting for receipt. After verification and confirmation, the use of the RFID handset to receive the scan channel, began to scan the goods box by box, count the quantity and compare the goods information.
After the receipt scan job is completed, upload the scan results through the RFID handheld and record the corresponding attributes of each item in the database, including the time of receipt, the place of receipt, and the operator number. And record the corresponding attributes of the order, including the order receipt quantity, receipt time, receipt difference and so on.
Picking and picking at the headquarters warehouse is a tedious task, and it is often easy to pick the wrong goods, resulting in an increase in the amount of back-checking workload. Through the RFID picking and dispensing process, the picking accuracy and operating efficiency can be effectively improved.
When inventorying, the RFID handset scans the shelves to ensure that each item is read, then automatic counting and statistics can be realized, and compared with the inventory data of the original system to show the differences.
The RFID handset can obtain the actual number of garments of a certain model, a certain color, and a certain model by reading the tag information, so as to ensure the balance of the inventory, and replenish the goods in time so as to avoid the lack of a clothing item in the clothing store. The phenomenon of goods or broken code, to ensure the normal demand of customers.

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