Shangqiu, Henan Province: Drying of grain without drying mechanical drying

In Fenglin Agricultural Machinery Service Cooperative, Beiguan Town, Minquan County, we saw two rows of tall grain dryers operating in an intense and orderly manner. According to the director of the company, Ren Jianjun, this is a grain drying service center invested by the company's investment of more than 2 million yuan. It has a total of 8 machines, drying 300 tons of grain daily, and the annual drying capacity can reach 100,000 tons or more. It can meet the requirements of the 1500 mu of grain dried by the Society, and can also undertake the task of grain drying for the whole town of 85,000 mu.
“Using grain dryers to prevent the impact of weather, to reduce food rat damage, mildew, broken and spilled, earth and stone mixed, reduce labor costs, the purchase price per kilogram of the market is higher than the drying of three or four cents.” A villager happy to say .

Driven by Ren Jianjun, the neighboring Chengzhuang Town Chuanhua Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. and Zhuangzi Town Liu Xinzhong Agricultural Machinery Cooperative have also purchased and installed grain drying machines.

The reporter learned that in recent years, with the transformation of land management custody, small and large agricultural business models, the traditional open air drying method is far from meeting the demand. The county agricultural bureau strongly promotes the healthy and rapid development of food drying machinery. . First of all, they actively strived for subsidies for agricultural machinery and vigorously promoted food drying machinery. At the same time, the food drying machinery will be included in the priority subsidy range of the county and shall be supplemented and supplemented, and provincial subsidies shall be granted as required. Secondly, they drafted a technical service team with 4 technical personnel, such as agricultural machinery promotion and training departments, to carry out full-scale services from installation site selection, machine selection, maintenance and other aspects. At the same time, they also relied on the new professional farmers training project to innovate training methods for operating personnel, and trained operating technicians in a combination of centralized teaching and on-site operation.

According to statistics, the county currently has 3 drying centers, 23 dryers, and an annual drying capacity of over 200,000 tons, which can reduce nearly 100 tons of food losses caused by rodents, mildew, and spills. These grain dryers not only laid a solid foundation for the county's food security, but also represented the county's agricultural mechanization has entered a new stage from pre-production, production to post-production.

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