Spend more than 500,000 to buy a serious leaking room

Spend more than 500,000 to buy a serious leak room small couples broke the money and bother diesel generators | diesel generators price / 2010-08-23

New Homeowners: Heavy rain genius found serious leaks in buying a house
Afterwards, the reporter went to a house bought by Miss Ge at 517 Zhonghua Road, Nanjing. The house hasn't been renovated yet, but you can see watermarks everywhere on the walls, and the blistering is also very powerful. Many walls and corners have had a certain degree of mildew, and there are traces of water after the floor.
According to Miss Ge, at the time the house was bought as a marriage room. "Because it was the first time you bought it, you didn't understand the whole process. The intermediary vowed to remind and arrange everything." During the purchase, Miss Ge and her husband went together After seeing the two rooms, they were all sunny and did not see any problems. "Homeowners and intermediaries are also positive about the quality of the houses."
After seeing the house, both were satisfied. In order to make up for the money, Miss Ge and her parents sold the house. The husband’s family is a single parent and the mother borrowed the money before raising the down payment. Ms. Ge originally thought about finishing the formalities in May. After paying off some of the debts, she renovated the house in August and moved in. “But when the rain came one day in July, the neighbor suddenly called me and said that my house was leaking. I'll go and have a look. We went to the scene and saw it. It was silly. The room I bought was on the third floor, and the water leaked upstairs. It leaked like it rained.The entrance door to the door was completely rotten.There was a big hole in the roof,there were two big pieces of water seepage in the room,they were moldy,and the balcony also leaked.A few days after the heavy rain The entire floor of the fourth floor was infiltrated into the house, and all the water poured down was manure. The dung water flowed down the corridor to the yard, making the whole yard full of manure. It was simply a mess. Now our house is also Do not dare to decorate, afraid to install another problem, I specifically asked to check the room and do the waterproof, and renovation of at least to spend more than 10,000 yuan. "In the face of the house, Miss Ge seemed very helpless.
Agency: We are trying our best to coordinate
“I originally wanted to check out. According to the contract law, a contract signed in the case of fraud can be requested to be checked out. But I have been pregnant for 4 months and will have babies in the second half of the year. Now what is the house? No, there is no place where children cannot be born, and it is also a harm to the next person to say that changing hands is a problem. Young people working outside are not easy to work hard for a house forever. I just want to ask now. The homeowner paid for the repairs and compensation in a lump, because the homeowner obviously deceived us. From buying a house to completing a household, he didn’t mention the leaking of the house.” The reporter then telephoned the intermediary’s Jiqingmen store. Ms. Xiao, the manager. Ms. Xiao said that she did not understand the quality of the water leakage problem that Ms. Ge had bought. “We also tried to coordinate between Miss Ge and Mr. Li (formerly homeowner). Mr. Li also expressed willingness to pay maintenance fees. ”
The original landlord: The house is just returning
Regarding his own house, Mr. Li said, “There is no water leakage problem. It is just a resurgence of the house. The phenomenon of water leakage is also due to the transformation of the water pipes upstairs, resulting in poor water flow. I am willing to pay for maintenance.” As for the balcony Mr. Li admits that he was stamped afterwards, and there is a certain amount of water leakage. "I'm willing to pay for the repairs. I figured out that the whole repair will require more than 1,000 yuan. I'm willing to compensate her 3,000 yuan."
In the face of Mr. Li’s statement, Miss Ge did not buy it. “There is a problem with the water going down and down the building, so it will not take long for maintenance. I have repaired this time, referring to the problem after a few months or one year. When I came out again, I had to pay for the repairs at one time. After all, the leakage of water was so serious that it affected the furniture in my house and the people I lived in. I also asked friends in engineering that the single maintenance fee would cost more than 10,000 yuan. ."
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