The Development Status and Trend of Equipment Manufacturing Industry from the Perspective of Domestic and Foreign High-end CNC Machine Tool Technology

As the main equipment of the current machining industry, the machine tool has become a symbol of the development of the domestic machinery processing industry. CNC machine tools are the masters of the manufacturing equipment industry and are the strategic equipment for advanced production technology and military modernization.

High-end CNC machine tools refer to digitalized CNC machine tools with high-speed, precision, intelligence, compound, multi-axis linkage, and network communications. The high-end CNC machine tool is a representative of the world's advanced machine tool equipment. Its development symbolizes that the country's current machine tool manufacturing industry accounts for the advanced stage of the development of the machine tool industry worldwide. Therefore, the internationalization of five-axis linkage CNC machine tools and other high-end machine tool technology as an important national industrialization Sign.

The high-end CNC machine tools, based on the traditional CNC machine tools, can complete the work efficiency of an automated production line, which is the product of the development of science and technology speed. For the country, this is an improvement in the nature of the machine tool manufacturing industry. High-end CNC machine tools integrate a variety of high-end technologies, applied to complex surfaces and automated processing, and have a very close relationship with the equipment manufacturing industry in aerospace, marine, machinery manufacturing, high-precision equipment, military industry, medical equipment industry and other fields. relationship.

"Made in China" "2025" lists CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment as "a strategically important area for accelerating breakthroughs," which calls for strengthening forward-looking deployment and key technological breakthroughs, actively planning to seize manufacturing sites for future technology and industrial competition, and improving international Division of labor and discourse power.

First, the development status of high-end CNC machine tools at home and abroad

The United States, Germany and Japan are the countries with the most advanced skills and experience in the research, design, production and application of CNC machine tools.

The characteristics of the United States are: The government focuses on the machine tool industry, and the US Department of Defense and other departments continue to put forward the development direction of the machine tool, scientific research tasks, and the provision of adequate funding. It also recruits talent from the world, pays special attention to "efficiency" and "innovation," and pays attention to basic scientific research. Haas Automation is one of the world's largest manufacturers of CNC machine tools, with a market share of approximately 40% in North America. All machine tools are manufactured entirely in California, USA, with nearly 100 models of CNC vertical and horizontal machining centers. CNC lathes, turntables, and indexers. Haas is committed to creating more accurate, repeatable, durable, and reasonably priced machine tool products.

On the basis of traditional design and manufacturing technology and advanced technology, German CNC machine tools continue to adopt advanced electronic information technology and innovate and develop on the basis of strengthening scientific research. The main components of the German CNC machine tools, machine, electricity, liquid, gas, light, tool, measurement, numerical control system and other functional components rank the forefront in the world in terms of quality and performance. The highest level of the large-scale gantry processing center is the product of WALDRICH COBURG of Germany, and the domestic one of Beiyi Machine is the technology of Germany's Vaderrich Coburg.

The Japanese government encourages scientific institutions and companies to develop CNC machine tools by planning and formulating regulations and providing sufficient R&D funds. In the area of ​​machine tool components, Japan has studied Germany; in the development of numerical control technology and numerical control systems, the United States has learned and improved and developed the achievements of the two countries with great success. Japanese machine tools should also be world famous for Japanese precision manufacturing.

The difference in structure between domestic products and foreign products is not large, and the new technologies adopted are similar, but there is still a certain gap between advanced technology applications and manufacturing process levels and advanced countries in the world. The new product development capability and manufacturing cycle can not meet the needs of domestic users. The accuracy of parts manufacturing and overall machine accuracy and reliability still need to be greatly improved, especially in the CNC system and functional components such as tool magazines that are matched with large-scale machine tools. Parts such as manipulators and two-axis milling heads need to be supported by foreign manufacturers. The manufacturing capacity of large-scale domestic machine tool manufacturers is very strong, but they are large but not sophisticated. The main reason is that the processing equipment is backward, and the numerical control rate is very low, especially the lack of high-precision level processing equipment. At the same time, domestic companies generally lack the capacity for independent innovation. Because of the market demand characteristics of large-size bedsheets and small batches, the requirements for technological innovation have become higher.

Second, the development status of domestic and foreign numerical control systems

After sustained research and development and innovation, Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries have basically mastered the leading technology of CNC systems. At present, there are two main camps in the field of numerical control technology research and application: one is a professional numerical control system manufacturer represented by FANUC and Siemens; the other is MAZAK and Dema. DMG is a large-scale machine tool manufacturer that independently develops numerical control systems.

Although the domestic high-end numerical control system still has a certain gap in terms of function, performance and reliability compared with foreign countries, in recent years, Huazhong CNC, aerospace numerical control, Beijing Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Technology, Beijing sculpture and other units in multi-axis linkage control, function combination, Networking, intelligence, and openness have also achieved some success.

Third, the development trend of high-end CNC machine tools at home and abroad

At present, the development of CNC machine tools and systems is changing with each passing day. As an important equipment in the field of intelligent manufacturing, in addition to the intelligentization, networking, and flexibility of CNC machine tools, high-speed, high-precision, composite, open, parallel-driven, Greening has also become a technological direction for the development of high-end CNC machine tools in the future.

1, high speed

With the rapid development of industries such as automobiles, defense, aerospace, and aerospace, as well as the application of new materials such as aluminum alloys, the requirements for high-speed machining of CNC machine tools are increasing.

2, new functional components applications

In order to improve the performance of various aspects of CNC machine tools, the application of new functional components with high precision and high reliability becomes inevitable.

In recent years, the application of linear motors has become increasingly widespread, such as: Siemens 1FN1 series three-phase AC permanent magnet synchronous linear motors have been widely used in high-speed milling machines, machining centers, grinding machines, parallel machine tools and dynamic performance and high precision requirements The machine tools, etc.; Germany EX-CELL-O company's XHC horizontal machining center three-way drive uses two linear motors.

3, high reliability

Five-axis linkage CNC machine tool can process complex surfaces and can guarantee that the average time between failures is above 20000h. This is an efficient use of products and raw materials. There are a variety of alarm measures within it to enable operators to deal with problems in a timely manner. It also has super safe protection measures. This is a guarantee for products, and it is also a guarantee for operators and the society. The high reliability of the machine tool allows the machine to be more assured in production and saves the company's raw materials and labor. This is a saving of social resources. However, in foreign countries, the average time between failures of the equipment is more than 30,000 hours, and the gap exists in China. CNC machine tool companies learn more from foreign technology, but also more carefully study more perfect high-end CNC machine tools.

4, high precision

The reason why high-end CNC machine tools can reflect the level of a country's industrial manufacturing industry is precisely because of its high-precision features. With the development of the CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) system, high-end CNC machines are capable of not only high speed, high efficiency, and most importantly, machining accuracy has evolved from wire-level accuracy to micro-level accuracy, and its unique reciprocating motion unit enables extremely detailed processing. Groove processing; The use of light, electrochemical energy and other special processing precision can reach nanometer level. At the same time, after the improvement and optimization of the structure, the machining accuracy of the 5-axis linkage CNC machine tool can also enter the ultra-precision era of submicrons and even nanometers.

5. Compounding

With the changing market demands, the manufacturing industry is becoming more and more fierce. This requires more than just single-piece mass production of machine tools. It is also required to be able to complete small-lot and multi-variety production. This requires higher machine tools and mechanization. More personalized production. Developed a compound machine tool with a higher degree of compounding so that it can produce a variety of large and small batches of similar production models. This is a new type of requirement for high-end CNC machine tools. It will also dominate the future development. This will be a new task for the new CNC machine tool.

6, the process of greening

With increasingly stringent environmental and resource constraints, the greening of manufacturing and processing becomes more and more important, and China's resources and environmental issues are particularly prominent. Therefore, in recent years, there has been a continuous and growing development of machine tools that eliminate or minimize the use of coolant and achieve dry cutting and semi-dry cutting. In the 21st century, the major trend of green manufacturing will accelerate the development of various energy-saving and environmental protection machine tools and occupy more world markets.

Fourth, China's high-end numerical control machine tool development analysis

China's machine tool industry occupies an important position in the world's machine tool industry system and the global machine tool market, but at present it cannot be considered as a machine tool powerhouse. Compared with the powerful machine tools in the world, China's machine tool industry still has a certain gap, especially in the competitiveness of medium and high-end machine tools is not strong. In addition, due to the complex economic situation at home and abroad, the development of China's machine tool industry has returned to the new normal, and the requirements for the transformation and upgrading of high-end industries are urgent.

For many years, China has become the world's largest producer, consumer, and importer of machine tool equipment. In the next 10 years, electronics and communications equipment, aerospace equipment, rail transportation equipment, power equipment, automobiles, ships, construction machinery and agricultural machinery will be included.

The rapid development of key industries and the continuous improvement of new materials and technologies will bring new strategic requirements and transformation challenges for CNC machine tools and basic equipment. The demand for CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment will shift from low-to-high grades to high grades, from single units to manufacturing units and complete systems that include robot loading and unloading and on-line inspection functions, from digitization to intelligentization, and personality tailored to universal machine tools. The transformation of machine tools, electronics and communications equipment manufacturing equipment will be the new demand hot spots.

1, on key products

It will focus on the development of key industries such as aerospace equipment, automobiles, and electronic information equipment, and will produce high-end CNC machine tools, advanced forming equipment, and group production lines. Including: electronic information equipment processing equipment, aerospace equipment large-scale structural parts manufacturing and assembly equipment, aerospace engine manufacturing key equipment, marine and marine engineering equipment key manufacturing equipment, rail transportation equipment key parts and components complete processing equipment, automotive key parts processing complete Equipment and production lines, four major automotive assembly production lines, large-capacity power equipment manufacturing equipment, engineering and agricultural machinery production lines and other products.

2, high-end CNC system

Focus on the development of multi-axis, multi-channel, high-precision interpolation, dynamic compensation and intelligent programming, intelligent NC system with self-monitoring, maintenance, optimization, reorganization, etc.; provide a standardized basic platform, allowing developers, different software and hardware modules Involved, an open CNC system with standard interfaces, modularity, portability, extensibility, and interchangeability.

3, the key common technical

In recent years, the research on basic and common technology of machine tools has been continuously strengthened, and product development and technology research have been promoted simultaneously. The maturity of a number of key technologies, such as reliability design and performance test technology of machine tool products and multi-axis linkage processing technology, has been greatly improved. The digital design technology research results are applied in the design of high-precision CNC coordinate boring machines, vertical machining centers, and other products; multi-error real-time dynamic comprehensive compensation and embedded CNC system error compensation software and hardware systems are applied to multiple companies and multiple products. Demonstration applications have been made, so that the accuracy of CNC machine tools has been significantly improved.

In the future, we will focus on digital collaborative design and 3D/4D full manufacturing process simulation technology, precision and ultra-precision machine tool reliability and precision maintenance technology, complex profile and difficult-to-machine materials, efficient processing and forming technology, and 100% on-line inspection technology.

4, in the application of demonstration projects

The national science and technology major project “Intelligent Upscale CNC Machine Tools and Basic Manufacturing Equipment” intelligent upgrading project, aerospace high-end manufacturing equipment application demonstration project, automobile lightweight material key components and assembly new process equipment application demonstration project, ship plane/surface Intelligent processing line application demonstration project.

5. Suggestions on strategic support and protection:

The first is the establishment of a national general technical cooperation innovation center for numerical control machine tools, focusing on solving digital design technology, dynamic and static thermal characteristic test technologies, and reliability and accuracy maintenance and other key control technologies;

The second is to establish a national advanced molding process innovation center and promote the close integration of manufacturing process and manufacturing equipment.

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