Two people injured in gas explosion accident in Nanjing residential building still did not escape danger

Nanjing residents building gas explosion accident 2 wounded still not out of danger diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2010-08-23
In the face of the wounded, the family would cry
Family members currently have no money to live in the hostel
When the reporter arrived at the hospital, the two were still observed and treated in the intensive care unit. Most of the family members of the wounded were standing outside the door. To avoid disturbing the wounded, the reporter chatted with his family in the hospital corridor. Because the treatment costs a lot of money, the families of the two have no money to live in the hostel. They can only use one mat to lay in the corridor of the hospital and sleep at night. “Where can we live? The family is now unable to get any money.” Wu’s mother told the reporter.
As for the incident on the day of the incident, Wu’s mother told reporters, “My son told me that I would go home at noon that day and take out the fried rice that I hadn’t eaten the night before. I’m going to eat it hot, but I just opened the fire. "Boom" exploded, and nothing was known afterwards." Speaking of the situation when he received the news, Wu's mother still has a fear in his memory.
As for another injured Yang, his sister told reporters, “I’m a year and a half older than I am. When I was less than two years old, my father and mother were separated. When I was 5, my mother was gone. Dad was busy. There was no time to take care of us. My sister and I have been living with my grandparents and I have not been able to talk to them because of such a big thing. When I arrived at the hospital, I ran around to find a doctor and borrow money. I can't cry without crying."
Who is going to pay compensation is a problem
The reporter asked if they had visited the owner of the house. Yang’s sister told the reporter, “The landlord who rented the house to my sister was the second landlord and found her afterwards. She said that the house was not her and she had no alternative. I went to the police station and I met the big landlord. When he heard that I was the family of the wounded, he did not mention compensation. Instead, he said: 'My house was blown up, and I will ask you to settle it.'"
As for the gas company, Yang’s sister said: “I’ve been looking for several times, but it’s always no one. My sister was hospitalized for several days, and no one had ever come to look at it, to console it, not to mention compensation. However, since the gas company has already said that the leak was due to the rattle of the plastic pipe connecting the gas pipe and the cooker, it is recommended to replace it with a metal pipe. But who should replace it? Is it the gas company or the landlord? But until now, No one came out to say this thing.” Speaking of this, Yang’s sister and Wu’s mother are all excited or disappointed.
The injured are 3 months afterwards
As for the condition of the two people, because of the weekend, the reporter could not find the relevant doctor. Yang’s sister and Wu’s mother told reporters, “The doctor said long ago that these three months are dangerous periods and life is at any time dangerous. Now every day, the treatment cost of a person must be more than 10,000 pieces, two or three months down, that is, hundreds of thousands, millions. We are all from the country, no less than 10,000 blocks in one year, hundreds of thousands It's an astronomical number. We can borrow all of them and leave the house for sale. But even if we sell our house, it will not be enough for a few days."
When it comes to treatment costs, the two families are crying and even desperate.

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