·Weichai Golden Powertrain assisted Shaanxi Heavy Industry in the first quarter of the growth rate in the industry

In the first quarter, the performance of Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck's domestic market was very eye-catching. Domestic sales (delivered users) increased by 180% year-on-year, and market share increased by 3 percentage points year-on-year. Among them, in March, the overall sales growth rate of domestic civilian products was the first in the industry, and the market segment further broke through. The value marketing was launched, which boosted sales.

The market segment has further broken through many fist products

On March 26th, Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck Co., Ltd. brought Delong 6×4 Gold Edition tractor, 8×4 lightweight dump truck and 8×2 truck to Anhui. On March 21, Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck tractor series delivery ceremony The cum spring group purchase will be held in Dongxiang County, Jiangxi Province; on March 16th, Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck National Caravan Interactive Roadshow officially kicked off in Wenshan Station, Jianshui Station and Pu'er Station in Yunnan... Whether it is a product promotion meeting or a group buying meeting, it can be said that It was popular and the venue was amazing, and the users were not enthusiastic about the heavy truck products of Shaanxi Automobile.

With its high horsepower and small speed ratio, the DeLong X3000 Gold Edition has the lowest fuel consumption industry and the highest economic value. The M3000 has been favored by users for its economy, comfort and reliability.

The master of Shangqiu in Henan Province is very much recognized by the DeLong X3000 Gold Edition tractor. After personal experience, he said the feeling of the car: "DeLong X3000 gold version of the cab is particularly comfortable, shock absorption effect is good, the company driver loves to drive this car, the key is the Weichai 500 high horsepower engine is full of power, vehicle speed Fast, equipped with a Fast 12-speed gearbox and a Hande small-speed ratio axle, the standard carrier is time-efficient and fuel-efficient, with peace of mind."

“From the time I bought the car to the present, the M3000 is really good to use, good quality, reliable and cost-effective, and the after-sales service is also in place. In short, the car process is very safe and worry-free. These cars are used like this. For a long time, there was no problem and the fuel consumption was low.” Xia Shifu from Henan gave a sincere evaluation of the Delong New M3000.

It can be seen that the DeLong X3000 and the new M3000 tractor are in the sales, becoming the “pioneer fighters” of the Shaanxi auto heavy truck attack market. The Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck has proved everything with data. The X3000 has sold nearly 12,000 vehicles, a three-fold increase over the same period last year.

As the traditional strength of Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck, dump trucks ranked first in the first quarter of sales growth in the industry. The cumulative sales increased by 130% year-on-year, and the market share increased by 4%. After the listing of the Delong X3000 high-end dump truck in 2016, the leader of the “Dumping King” was reappeared in a powerful posture, which played the role of “Dinghai Shenzhen” for capturing the market.

At the same time, Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck has decisively plowed the market segment and launched a better product that is more suitable for the market and customers. At the Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck 2017 Business Annual Meeting, the Delong L3000 truck product was released by the company in combination with the characteristics of the medium-sized freight industry and customer needs, introducing a new European technology and a new medium-sized truck. It has advantages in shape, fuel economy, comfort and safety, and can meet the different needs of various sub-sectors such as express delivery, cold chain, green pass and LTL.

The listing of Delong L3000 trucks and the wonderful debut of the whole series of trucks, Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck not only completed the layout of different series of X3000, M3000, L3000 products, but also marked the extension of the product platform from heavy truck to medium card, highlighting The leading edge of the company's product lineage and platformization presents a complete range of tractors, dump trucks, trucks and special vehicles.

Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck has made great achievements in the market segments of daily industrial products, agricultural and sideline products transportation, 8×4 highway dumping, express delivery, cold chain and cement mixer trucks. The first quarter increased by more than 100%; hazardous chemicals tractors The market share of sedan truck cranes and sanitation vehicles continued to grow.

Innovation boost the value of marketing and sales gains across the board floor

Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck not only has a unique and unique product in the unpredictable market, but also creates a new competitive advantage for Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck based on customer demand. Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck launched a series of innovative marketing models such as second-hand car marketing replacement, car cargo joint venture/member marketing model deepening, financial planning improvement and improvement, micro-innovation mechanism guarantee and service warm heart project, helping the first quarter sales to achieve a qualitative leap .

The diversification of Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck brand service is not only at the front end, but also in the later stage of customer use, the company is fully guaranteed and dedicated. In the "Spring Service Month" event in March each year, for VIP users, key users, special users and new car users, Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck will develop a detailed service research plan and gift appreciation program, which will be deepened by company leaders and working groups. On the first line, visiting and understanding user needs, solving practical problems, and comprehensively improving service levels not only enhance the good interaction between the company's brand and users, but also the best way to maintain the emotional bond between the company and the users.

Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck not only implemented the maximum service measures for users, but also formulated specific action plans to improve the equipment and enthusiasm of service providers and improve service levels. Regularly combines Weichai engine, Fast transmission and Hande axle. “Golden Industry Chain” provides technical guidance and hardware support to service providers, improves the technical level of service providers, and solves the worries of users.

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