What are the measures for preventing water in the underground?

Normal production, "Coal Mine Safety Regulations" of the underground water makes provision for prevention and treatment. Specific measures are:

(1) Separate coal pillars. A waterproof isolation coal pillar must be left at the boundary of adjacent mines. If the mine is demarcated by faults, it must also have waterproof isolation coal pillars on both sides of the fault. No party or small coal mine may be allowed to move. In the mining area, whether there is a flooded well in the coal seam or the upper coal or rock formation, the mining work should be carried out according to the provisions of the Regulations. If the water cannot be removed, the design must be prepared and approved by the chief engineer of the Mining Bureau before mining. In the design, the size of the waterproof isolation coal and rock pillar must be determined according to the actual situation.

(2) Shumination and blood pressure reduction. In order to remove the threat of mining confined aquifers above and below the coal seam, the Regulations stipulate that waterproof measures should be adopted for controlled hydrophobic dewatering.

(3) Set the waterproof gate. The "Procedure" stipulates that mines with complicated hydrogeological conditions or flooding and danger must be provided with waterproof gates around the bottom of the well. When digging a roadway in a water-risk area, a waterproof gate must also be installed in the vicinity to allow it to be dug.

(4) Water shutoff. The cement channel or the chemical slurry is used to fill the water passage through the borehole, thereby blocking the influx of the external water source. It is also possible to insert other fillings by drilling, such as iron balls, cotton fabrics and the like to block the flow channel.

(5) Exploring water. When the heading face is close to the flooded roadway, karst cave, water-bearing fault, aquifer or other water-permeable symbols, the principle of “doubt must be explored” and “first explore and then dig” must be adhered to, that is, the rig is used to detect the water situation ahead of time. And take the water draining measures and then dig.

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