·In 2015, natural gas development will increase

As the saying goes, the new year and new weather, with the pace of 2015 let us look at how the trend of the natural gas industry in 2015 is developing. The thirteenth five-year period will usher in the growth of natural gas With the increasing problem of domestic air pollution, energy structure a READ MORE

Pharyngeal swab sampling vehicle_Sampling vehicle anti-…

Pharyngeal Swab Sampling Vehicle_Sampling Vehicle Anti-epidemic Pioneer_Ford Transit Nucleic Acid Sampling Vehicle_Nucleic Acid Sampling Vehicle_CDC Sampling Vehicle Configuration_Picture How many days does it take for home quarantine? People in high-risk areas in China READ MORE

Hunan smart manufacturing seeks new opportunities

Since 2013, Hunan has broken through 30 major key common technologies in strategic emerging industries, developed 100 key new products, and promoted the industrialization of 100 key patent achievements each year. Accelerate the implementation of industry-specific projects and implement the "3 READ MORE

Yongan electric forklift quality service, quality guara…

Yongan electric forklift quality service , quality guaranteed Available functional status of Yongan Electric Forklift:       Select models and configurations according to operating conditions   The selection of models and configurations generally starts from the following aspects: READ MORE

Method for real-time monitoring of soil moisture in ari…

Through relevant meteorological conditions, the relevant amendments to the increase in soil moisture and loss were made, and the corresponding predictions of soil moisture were made. Finally, the soil moisture level real-time monitoring system's forecast results were used to compare t READ MORE

Air compressor installation location selection

1. When installing the air compressor, it is necessary to have a wide lighting area for operation and maintenance. 2. The relative humidity of the air should be low, the dust is small, the air is clean and well ventilated, away from inflammable and explosive, corrosive chemicals and harmful unsaf READ MORE

Nucleic acid sampling vehicle for epidemic prevention a…

Epidemic prevention and control nucleic acid sampling vehicle_how much does the sampling vehicle manufacturer offer _Ford Transit nucleic acid sampling vehicle_nucleic acid sampling vehicle_configuration parameter quotation How can the Delta virus be prevented? Pay atte READ MORE