There are several combinations of water in the material…

In aqueous materials, the relationship between the properties of water and solid materials and their interactions has a major impact on the dehydration process. There are different classification methods for the combination of moisture and materials, which can be generally divided into the followin READ MORE

Longli mechanical weaving special loom trial production

Recently, the LL680W-380cm wide-weave special industrial looms developed by Wuxi Longli Machinery Co., Ltd. were successfully tested. The machine can reach a width of 3.8 meters. It is understood that LL680W-380cm wide weave special industrial looms can weave ordinary plain weave and weave mesh. Th READ MORE

What are the main features of underground coal mining?

What are the main features of underground mining of coal that? A: The mining of underground coal mines must digging a series of wells from the ground to the ground. The production process is underground, and the natural conditions are more complicated. The main features of mining are the need for READ MORE

Wisdom use electricity to make people's lives more …

The smart electricity safety management system has also been called a security guard. The research and development of this kind of product is mainly directed at the current occurrence of electrical fires that are too frequent, and its role is mainly used to perform real-time operations on all kind READ MORE

What are the main modes of transportation in open pit m…

What are the main modes of transportation in open pit mines? What is the current status and development direction? Open pit main mode of transport: road motor transport (motor transport for short), railway locomotive transport (railway transport for short), belt conveyor (belt conveyor for short), READ MORE

Over-breaking roof measures

Our team of construction two 1-11170 face complex geology, coal layers occurrence unstable, easily sloughing, resulting in relatively roof mining face broken, go stand oblique, crowded planes, surface mining has seriously hampered the normal advance; therefore must promote production The support for READ MORE

Domestic CNC Machines Follow the World Level

In the high-end manufacturing industry, engine manufacturing has been hailed as the "crown" in the industry, and aerospace engines have become the "pearl" of the "crown." However, high-end five-axis CNC linkage machine tools that are indispensable for machinin READ MORE