Mitsubishi plug-in hybrid new technology can power home

According to the US media leftlanenews on December 28, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation of Japan announced that its Outlander plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) will be equipped with a V2H electric car home power supply system, and its battery storage capac READ MORE

· US anti-dumping tax rate on Chinese tires is at 25%-…

According to a comprehensive foreign media report, after the US Department of Commerce announced the countervailing duty rate for passenger cars and light truck tires in China, foreign analysts have begun to evaluate another investigation of the US “double opposition” – anti-dump READ MORE

12 Packaging Printing Industry Outlook Analysis

This article for everyone to interpret 12 packaging printing industry prospect analysis. 1 The e-commerce of the packaging and printing market has begun to take shape Many packaging and printing companies have realized the further expansion of the business market through third-party e-commerce plat READ MORE

Grain dryer market is entering into growth

Dry grains are an important step in agricultural production, and they are also a key part of agricultural production. They are an important part of the realization of mechanization of food production. The grain drying mechanization technology is based on machinery as the main means, using the corre READ MORE

·Shenzhen's purchase restriction policy response t…

Whether you are not surprised or not, willing or not, Shenzhen's purchase restriction is still coming. Therefore, there is no need to discuss which high-level person or authority has vowed to say that it is still limited to unlimited purchases, and there is no need to go through the slogan of & READ MORE

Yuchai United Power Co., Ltd. combined trucks exported …

In March 2014, the joint truck K-gold version of the 6×4 tractor certified with the 6K13N engine was exported to South Korea through the JIS company. This is the first time China has exported heavy trucks to South Korea in the history of Chinese heavy truck exports. Leave a heavy ink. Th READ MORE

The application of advantages of soil moisture real-tim…

Soil moisture real-time monitoring system is one of the methods to quickly determine the soil moisture content. It is relatively free from the influence of soil type and does not damage the soil. It is suitable for repeated measurement on the surface and on the profile, with high resoluti READ MORE