Futian era tanker

China Automotive Network Tanker Columns are included in China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology tanker car announcement all 2 categories 3 manufacturers 3 tanker brand 8 tanker product information, the latest tanker announcement, environm READ MORE

Jiangxi Jiangling Motors Group Motor Co., Ltd.

China Motors Group's residential trucks have been included in the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's residential vehicle car announcement. All 2 categories 50 manufacturers 51 residential vehicles Brand 224 types of residential v READ MORE

Gear adopts 20Cr2Ni steel solution technology to improv…

Flaw detection condition flaw detector: CTS-33 type (on-site), VSIP-12 type (laboratory) probe: B2S-N, B4S-N (á24) Frequency: 2MHz, 4MHz Method: P-wave flaw detection sensitivity: á2 flat bottom hole quantitative method : Large flat bottom method scanning direction and scope: 360° radial s READ MORE

Concrete machinery needs contraction and development

If the sales volume of concrete machinery only falls periodically, once the investment returns this year, sales will pick up - however, we believe that pump sales will continue to decline in the next two years. The zero growth of pump sales in 2012 means that the stock has increased by 30% READ MORE

Heavy trucks make China Logistics Shaanxi Power launch …

With the development of freeway toll-by-weight rates, the state has scrutinized the implementation of overweight-overloaded road transport measures, and logistics companies have turned from overloaded to profitable. The standardization of heavy trucks has become a hot topic in the industry. Alway READ MORE

Method for Determining Nitrogen Content in Domestic Gar…

At present, the determination of total nitrogen in domestic garbage generally uses the CJ/T103-1999 determination method of total nitrogen in municipal solid wastes, which is a semi-micro JK method. However, due to the drawbacks of the method, such as cumbersome operations and time-consu READ MORE

Application of Machine Vision in Fabric Production Onli…

First, the cloth production on-line detection overview Automatic detection technology as a rapid, real-time, accurate collection and processing of information, high-tech, has gradually become the national economy informatization, and enhance the competitiveness of indispensable technical tools and t READ MORE