Excavator extension arm standard configuration

Long arm professional manufacturer Dongguan Jianhua Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. can design and produce standard excavator arms and non-standard excavator extension arms for various brand excavators. Through advanced computer-aided design systems, various types of processing equipment READ MORE

Changling refinery 1.2 million tons/year desulfurizatio…

On August 20, the 1.2 million tonne/year catalytic gasoline adsorption and desulfurization equipment of the Changling Branch Company under construction contracted by Wujian Construction Co., Ltd. underwent the joint efforts of all the construction personnel and achieved great success. High standard READ MORE

Automotive parts "remanufacturing" usher in b…

At the two conferences in 2010, representatives of some people proposed a “remanufacturing” proposal in response to a shortage of resources. They believed that the current global resources are scarce and there have been signs of energy shortages, steel shortages, ore shortages, a READ MORE

Guodian Power's First Polysilicon Project Opens

Guodian Power Jingyang Company has an annual output of 3,000 tons of polysilicon projects. The construction of the Zhungeer Banner was officially started a few days ago. This project is the first pilot of Guodian Power's investment in the photovoltaic industry, and it shoulders an important re READ MORE

Heavy rain destroyed the National Highway 321 on the Ch…

Heavy rain destroyed the 321 State Road on the Chengdu-Chongqing-Lanzhou Railway to interrupt the diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2010-08-22 On the 22nd, the reporter learned from the People's Government of Neijiang City, Sichuan Province that due to the continuous rainstorm, READ MORE

Two couples hit a hand because of triviality

Two couples hitting a small hand because of a trivial matter. A woman was bitten in the ears and diesel generator | Diesel generator price / 2010-08-27 Reciprocity is a virtue. However, if there are disputes between the two parties, if they use defiance and intimidation, they will only inten READ MORE

492 million luxury cars from the destruction of the ric…

492 million luxury cars from the destruction of the rich car owners do not mind laughing wind diesel generators | diesel generators price / 2010-08-27 Today, I went to Simingshan Forest Park with my friends and met a Ferrari 599 on the way back to Yuyao. The luxury car is a luxury car, whic READ MORE