Dalian Petrochemical restarts 600,000 tons of continuous reformer

At 10:20 on October 30th, Dalian Petrochemical Company's 600,000-ton continuous reformer feeds smoothly to produce hydrogen and gasoline blending components with a purity of more than 85%. All of the products meet the standard, and a monthly increase of more than 2000 million yuan can be achieved. Become a profit growth point of Dalian Petrochemical.
Affected by the international financial crisis, Dalian Petrochemical's annual 600,000-ton continuous reformer was forced to “rest” last year. With the gradual recovery of the market, the company's various sets of equipment production at full capacity, naphtha production increases, in addition to meeting the new area of ​​2.2 million tons of continuous reformer full-load operation, there are still a large number of restructured materials need to be transferred to naphtha for sale. If the 600,000-ton continuous reforming unit can be resumed production, it will alleviate the problem of excessive naphtha inventory in the plant, which is beneficial to deep processing, and can extend the product processing chain and form a new benefit growth point. At the same time, it can indirectly reduce the load on the hydrogen plant and reduce the company's energy consumption.
In light of this, Dalian Petrochemical has assigned 600,000 tons of continuous reforming units to the new production area management, established a 600,000-ton continuous reforming unit for the new production area, and resumed construction. On August 25 this year, 600,000 tons of continuous reformers were shut down for inspection. After more than 50 days of shutting down the inspection, the interface of the device will be transferred on October 17th, with conditions for starting. On October 24, the device entered the formal phase of construction. Various starting steps such as furnace, drying, loading, oil transportation, hydrogen introduction, and start-up were carried out in an orderly manner.
The annual 600,000-ton continuous reformer plays an important role in the production of high octane gasoline components, hydrogen, benzene, and raffinate. At present, the main products produced by the plant are reformed oils and reformed naphtha for the reconciliation of tank farms; by-product reforming hydrogen gas is sent to 2.2 million tons of continuous reforming PSA and purified hydrogen is then incorporated into the hydrogen network; Product production has started one after another.

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