Air Cooled Modular Chiller Bkm-065A*N

  • Model NO.: BKM-065A*N
  • Cooling Method: Air-cooled
  • Selected Voltage: 380V/50HZ
  • Noise Level: Low
  • Application Machine: Precision Machine Tool
  • Condition: New
  • Trademark: Baikang
  • Origin: Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
  • Type: Air-Cooled
  • Unit Structure: Integral
  • Compressor Number: 1
  • Application Fields: Plastic
  • Certification: ISO, CE
  • Weight: 800 Kg
  • Specification: 1800*900*2000
Technical data(R22)
Model BKM-065A*N BKM-130A*N
Nominal Cooling capacity KW 65×N 130×N
×103kcal/h 56 112
Input Power 380V/3ph/50Hz
Total power KW 19.7×N 40×N
current A 39.2×N 75.8×N
Compressor type full hermetic scroll compressor
quantity set 2×N 4×N
Rated power KW 2×9.1×N 4×9.1×N
Refrigerant type R22
Charge kg 2×6.5×N 4×5.5×N
Evaporator type U shape tube type heat exchange evaporator
Water flow rate m³/h 11.2×N 22.5×N
Water pressure drop kpa 54 68
Working pressure water Mpa 1
Pipe connection DN50 DN65
Air heat Exchanger Hydrophilic high-efficient fin tube heat exchanger
Axial Fan type Low-noise high-efficiency waterproof axial
quantity set 2×N 2×N
 Power Input KW 2×0.75×N 2×1.8×N
Dimension Length mm 1800 2240
Width mm 900 1200
Height mm 2000 2200
Operating weight kg 800 1600
1. cooled water input temp. 12ºC,output temp. 7ºC;environment temp.  35ºC;
2.N:Number of modules;
3. Application of sensible heat recovery is optional : sensible heat recovery 15KW water leaving temperature 45ºC,pipe connection DN25;

Product feature:
  • Machine chassis used of three-dimensional design, the overall style to be European style detachable structure, the surface of polyester powder coating, beautiful and generous, color fastness and corrosion resistance.
  • This machine adopts international famous closed scroll refrigeration compressor (single or double compressor system independent compressors system combination), the monitor controls the compressor starts out according to the water temperature, reached the maximum energy saving.
  • The air side heat exchanger adopts larger design, increased heats transfer area and reduce heats transfer difference. The units can be working well at 45 degree high temp in summer..
  • Low noise axial fan with high performance motor, fully take into account the standard conditions and the use of harsh conditions, to further improve the efficiency of the unit..
  • The heat exchanger is compact and the end plate can be disassembled for cleaning and maintenance.
  • the world's first-class refrigeration accessories-- thermal expansion valve (electronic expansion valve), through the regulation of the system cooling (heat) to adjust the system refrigerant flow, the ability to adjust more accurate.
  • Man-machine interface touch screen operating system control, the operation of the unit is more simple and easy to understand, according to the operating conditions of the compressor automatically adjust the operating time of the system, the overall performance is excellent, extremely high efficiency of refrigeration.
  • Modular system design, each module has a number of independent compressor system. Multi module combination, so that each of the refrigeration systems are independent, alternate. The abnormal operation of any refrigeration loop will not affect the normal operation of other loops. When the control system fails in a certain loop, it will send out the instruction to make the other standby circuit replace the operation of the fault loop, so that the refrigeration of the unit can be kept relatively stable.
The unit is widely used in: aluminum oxide, aluminum oxide, electroplating, hard plastic, injection molding, extrusion, foaming machine, hydraulic equipment, laminating machine, bottle blowing machine leather embossing machine, composite flooring, food, chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, electronics and other industries


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