Why is the 31 hydraulic truck sold crazy? The "password" crack behind hot sales

Sany Hydraulics has become the world's most used equipment for the project of the Lianghekou hydropower station and was highly recommended by CCTV; it has achieved the first batch of domestic high-performance unmanned vibratory roller mills.

In addition, SANY Hydraulics also participated in the "Qinghai-Tibet Railway", one of the "Global Projects of the World", the "Three Gorges Dam" of the "World's Largest Water Conservancy Hub," and the Luoxidu Hydropower Station of the "West-East Power Transmission" backbone project.

Because of challenging the limit to create the ultimate strength, Sany hydraulic roller set off a small whirlwind in the industry. In 2017, the C8 series roller became the sales champion of the same tonnage roller, and the sales performance was not a “flash in the pan” and was created in March 2018. The daily sales of 300 sets of sales records reached 31 on the day.

The continuous increase in sales performance has become the market's “hot commodity”. What kind of “password” is hidden behind the huge sales volume of the Sanyi hydraulic roller?

Password-focused: do one thing in twenty-one years

Since the beginning of entering the road machine market in 1997, Sany announced high-profile only full hydraulic pressure. In the 21st year of research and development and technological innovation, it has become the most responsible leader in the global road construction equipment field.

21 years of perseverance is not a matter of momentary rise or a feverish mind. It is through in-depth research on foreign technologies and markets. It is understood that the hydraulic roller has always been the mainstream product in the world and has occupied a major share of the world market.

At the beginning of entering the roller compactor market, the three sides stated that in order to create a world brand for compaction products, to contribute the most advanced technology to the compaction industry, we must overcome difficulties and win the "full hydraulic pressure" problem.

For this responsibility and responsibility, Sany insists on this technology for 21 years. In 2017-2018, the continued popularity of Sanyue's all-hydraulic roller has become a leader in the industry's all-hydraulic technology. A return.

Trinity hydraulic roller

Password two

Stunt: High-efficiency and low-cost achievement pressure artifact

After years of development, China's roller road market has become more mature. The user has begun to consider various factors in the purchase of machines. The price competition advantage is no longer the only criterion, and brand influence, product performance and user experience have become increasingly prominent.

The Trinity C8 series full hydraulic single drive single drum roller can stand out from other similar products in the market, winning the favor of industry customers, mainly relying on its “highly efficient, low fuel consumption, easy operation, stable and reliable” and other “skills”.

The three-in-one hydraulic roller is simple and convenient to operate, quick to change, no need to step on the Clutch, gear, brake, slow loosening and other actions, the construction efficiency is higher, and the fuel cost is saved.

Password Three Innovation: Lean Manufacturing Forging Artifact

To cast quality higher than the industry, it can not be achieved overnight. Behind it is the road crew sway with sweat, in the spirit of excellence, and constantly refresh the higher level of Chinese manufacturing.

Sany focuses on technological innovation and quality control. In order to achieve full-scale flow-through manufacturing of road machinery products, it adopts a series of automated and intelligent production management information systems (MES systems), automatic welding robots, AGV cars, and automated warehouses. Innovative research results have enabled the widespread application of “new processes, new equipment, and new materials” and extremely stringent quality control, making every hydraulic roller compactor perfect and performing excellent performance in a variety of complex operating environments.

Lean Manufacturing Forging Artifact

Password four quality control: R & D test system to ensure first-class quality

Excellent quality is the killer to ensure that the Trinity Road Roller wins the market. In order to ensure the first-class quality of SANY road products, Sany Heavy Industry actively builds an international leading platform for R&D of road machinery, relying on nine major tests of construction machinery remote monitoring service and fault diagnosis laboratories, hydraulic laboratories, electromechanical hydraulic control and simulation laboratories. The testing center and 58 enterprise-level laboratories form cross-system and cross-sector product development processes.

Through the construction of “test infrastructure, new product development test, customer experience platform, and working condition simulation database”, a three-level test system for vehicle testing, component testing, and simulation testing was established to ensure the lean quality of Sany Heavy Industry products.

R & D test system to ensure first-class quality

Password five

Service: Consummate the service

In the course of using the roller in the industry, it is inevitable that there will be wear and tear. Therefore, when customers choose the roller, in addition to considering product quality, after-sales service is their concern, which is another big step for Sany Roller to sell the market. the reason.

Unlike other brands, outsourcing services, services can not be effectively monitored, SANY's services have always been in the top of the industry, in addition to the service staff's persistence, but also the "to do without service," the concept of inheritance.

The password may seem simple, but it contains the persistence and perseverance of the 21st year. In the future, Sany will also through deep research and development technology, solve more technical problems, and bring more sophisticated and affordable full hydraulic pressure to the customer. roller. (This article is from Trinity)

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