Imported batteries must be filed

A few days ago, two batteries imported from Germany by a company in Zhangjiagang were ordered to be returned by Zhangjiagang Inspection and Inspection Bureau.
In March, Zhangjiagang inspectors found that the forklifts imported by the company were based on batteries. According to the regulations of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, all battery products must be submitted to the inspection and quarantine institution for filing before importing. After obtaining the record, they can be imported, and the battery is imported without registration. Accordingly, the bureau made a decision to process the returned battery.
In order to strengthen the prevention and control of mercury pollution in battery products and protect and improve China's ecological environment, in 2000, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued the "Regulations on the Supervision and Control of Mercury Content in Import and Export Battery Products". The "Measures" stipulate that the applicants for the imported battery products (manufacturers, importers or import agents, etc.) should apply to the relevant inspection and quarantine institutions for filing before importing the battery products. The inspection and quarantine institutions comprehensively determine whether the battery structure, electrochemical system and battery mercury content test results meet the filing requirements, and the unregistered battery products are not allowed to be imported.
The entry-exit inspection and quarantine department reminds domestic enterprises to strengthen the study and research on relevant national policies and regulations, so as to avoid “violation” behaviors caused by not understanding the policies, thus bringing unnecessary impacts and losses to the normal production and operation of enterprises.

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