Ricoh color composite machine listed

Recently, Ricoh launched the Aficio series of new color digital copiers in Beijing. Ricoh not only released the Aficio MP C4500, but also the Aficio C2500 and Aficio C3000, which were launched in the second half of last year. With the launch of the Aficio series of new color digital copiers, The strategy of the Ricoh machine market has also surfaced. The star product MP C4500 at this conference is based on the superior black and white multi-function system, while providing cost-effective color functions, achieving 40 high-speed output per minute in color and 45 black and white per minute. This color machine uses IH fixing technology (ie, electromagnetic induction heating technology) to increase the temperature inside the machine to a printable state in a short period of time. The preheating of the machine and the output speed of the first page are greatly improved, and the work efficiency is improved compared with the previous models.


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