How to buy car insurance, safe and secure

How much of the auto insurance price is tricky? Claims records have been “stealed” and where did these false claims records come from? In the face of issues such as the owners of insurance, claims, what kind of insurance and claims concept is the most reasonable?

An insurance company manager said that it used to be "when it was time to buy it, it was better to compare it to it, and finally to break it down and negotiate it. When the claim was settled, it took it away." In fact, the more reasonable concept should be "simple scientifically when insured. When claiming, owners need to worry about when they are appropriate."

Car Insurance Insurance

How to get fair prices

When choosing traditional channels to purchase auto insurance, it is often the same as an insurance company's auto insurance products, consulting 4S shops, insurance agents, quotes are not the same, this misty look at the offer, most owners expressed their heart is not practical. "How many sloppy car insurance prices are there?"

“Under normal circumstances, an insurance agent is often responsible for the insurance coverage of a number of insurance companies. For the owner, if you choose to insure traditional channels, the price confusion will not say which insurance company or insurance agent you choose. The headache thing," said a sales manager who has been in auto insurance for years.

Many car owners frankly stated that telephone insurance is a transparent and uniform quotation, and it is no longer necessary to worry about guessing prices; at the same time, it is no longer necessary to find a senior agent and find a relationship and trust acquaintances. For the safety of electric start-ups that started earlier, simply call the 4008-000-000 safe electric insurance hotline to inform the other party of the basic conditions of the vehicle and the requirements for insurance. The safety personnel can then report the price in a timely manner.

Participate in claims

Avoiding bad claims records

Recently, many property insurance companies have received similar complaints. The number of vehicle owner's registered trips is higher than the actual number of trips. Through the inquiry of relevant departments' websites, it is found that some of the trips have never occurred, and the amount and date of the claims have also been fabricated. Where did these extra insurance claim records come from?

"This may be because the owner of the vehicle to 'saving' when the vehicle was handed over to the maintenance plant, the owner of the car without the knowledge of the situation was used repeatedly fraud insurance. Not only to increase the damage does not say the car, insurance owners in the next year renewal At that time, they had to pay more for this.” Some industry insiders expressed concern for some owners.

“In fact, some key aspects of the claim still require the owner to check it. We recommend that the owner first pay the money to repair the vehicle after the insurance company has fixed the damage. This will prevent the vehicle maintenance organization from using the owner’s small paintings repeatedly to defraud.” Relevant person in charge of safety and electrical sales said.

The owner’s personal involvement in the claims process not only ensures the authenticity of the claims, but also curbs the spread of insurance fraud and reduces auto insurance claims. Ren Kun

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The outlet director visits and learns

Improve service quality

In order to implement the "customer first, consistent" service concept and further improve the service level and marketing capabilities of the Bank's outlets, recently, Jinan Agricultural Bank organized the outlets of the outlets of the entire jurisdiction to the City Central Economic Development Zone Branch and the Lixia Branch Office. , Spring City led show city branch office to study.

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