The man was locked by a chain at the bus station for hours or by his family (map)

The man was locked by a chain at the bus station for hours or by his family (map)
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Police off the chain clamp
At noon yesterday, on the bus stop of Dongzhimen bus station, a middle-aged man's foot chain was locked on the iron post of the platform billboard. He walked in a motorcycle lane behind the bus platform and attracted many passers-by. At 3 pm, police from Dongcheng District came to the scene and took the man away.
At the scene, the reporter saw that the man was about one-seventh of a meter tall. He was dressed in a dark blue T-shirt and dark blue trousers. He wore a pair of yellow plastic slippers on his feet. The body ran across the non-motorized lane behind the bus platform and his right foot ankle. It was trapped by a thin iron chain about one meter long, and the other end of the chain was locked on the iron column under the billboard on the bus platform. The Dongzhimen bus station is close to the Dongzhimen subway station. There is a lot of people coming and going, and there are many pedestrians on the scene. When the reporter approached and tried to communicate with the man, the man only turned to look and did not speak.
According to Mr. Huang, a sanitation worker working here, the man has been on a non-motorized vehicle for two hours. “I have been squatting, not talking, and sometimes I have to climb up with both hands.” When asked why a man was locked by a chain, Mr. Huang said he did not see how he was locked, but guessing may be The man's family acted. "Looking at him as silly, it may be his family who put him here."
Yesterday at 3 pm, a passerby called the police because the man squatting on the road affected pedestrians and vehicles. At 3:14, the police in Dongcheng District came to the scene and tried to talk to the locked man, but the man was still silent. Taking into account its state of mind, the police made 999 emergency calls. A few minutes later, the police clamped the chains and the man stood up slightly, his legs slamming, and his hands on the floor.
Yesterday at 3:23 pm, the 999 ambulance arrived at the scene and confirmed that the man was not seriously affected. The police then took it back to the police station. At present, the identity of the man cannot be confirmed and the police are investigating.
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