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On August 12th, it was a hot day this summer. The high temperature near the noon will reach 39 degrees; the Wuxi Power Supply Company held a conference in the meeting room of the transformer repair center to study and publicize the flood relief and summer peaks, typical mobilizations, and the construction of the team. Firstly, the enthusiastic atmosphere in the promotion conference was not caused by the “Autumn Tigers” but by the company’s up-and-down teamwork. Listening, Jiangyin’s exchange of speeches was such a passionate experience; the experience of listening, substation maintenance, assisting rural power and substation projects was as vivid and detailed as it was; The thought-provoking thoughts, oh, Qiuliang is coming, it is a season of flying in the wind. What kind of excitement will the Wuxi company have around the standardization of the team?
Wind in the end of Ping
Zeng Weiping, the leader of Wuxi Xieeng Agricultural Power Company, understands the standardization construction of rural electricity and power groups. The establishment of the rural power supply establishment class is not a long time. This year, the provincial companies promoted the unified model of the standardized construction of the team and it was a time for them to get out of the brink. The good opportunity.
Xieeng Rural Electric Power Co., Ltd. administers 25 power stations with 75 classes, including business, meter reading, and operation and maintenance. Since the start of the construction of the standardized team, the Group has carefully planned and positioned itself, created a train of thought for the standardized team based on “focusing on typical routes, and setting up benchmarking platforms”, and first identified Donggang and Yongqiao. A group of power supply institutes with better foundations are used as pilot units for the construction of standardized teams and teams to create benchmarks for standardized construction.
They focus on "internalization in the heart, externalized in the line," so that the team 5S management into the hearts of people, so that each power supply can be done in the office area neat, bright and clean, measuring warehouses, spare parts warehouse, security equipment warehouse, etc. The use of visualized management has greatly improved the work efficiency of the team. They actively explore new ways of self-directed learning. All power supply centers actively use idle places to establish skills training rooms and encourage employees to practice their skills and strengthen their skills. More importantly, they vigorously strengthened self-management, innovated management methods, took the lead in setting up employee work files, allowing team manuals, job job standards, employee responsibility data sheets, and learning and training records to become effective carriers for full participation in standardization. According to Yu Nayan, chairman of the sub-consortium of Union Energy Rural Electric, in order to integrate the concept of standardization into the behaviors of employees, they also actively explored the morning meeting system for power supply. The three professional teams all arrived 15 minutes ahead of time, and organized their classes. The squad leader presided over the morning meeting of the squad. The four power supply workers were linked to the corresponding squad to attend lectures. The leader of the power supply institute randomly participated in the morning meeting of each squad; the group leader club was created to extend the carrier and method of the company’s work brand to The grass-roots power supply station has organized two regional activities this year and received the effect of melding and inspiring each other.
A fundamental change in the management model is quietly emerging in the township.
All the things in the world are carefully studied, and all the facts of development and change during the period can be found. The standardization and construction of the Wuxi Power Supply Company's team can have a good effect on the level of the rural power supply station, which is in fact an inevitable result of the company's overall mobilization.
For the standardization and construction of teams and groups, Wuxi company leaders have always insisted on their own views, “the team is the ultimate goal of all the work of the company; the height of the team construction platform determines the level of the company's operation and management.” In recent years, the company’s team construction has achieved remarkable results: The 5S management continued to advance and became the benchmark of the province. Experience has been promoted throughout the province; the QC group activities of the team have achieved remarkable results, maintaining advanced peers; and the standardization construction and refined management of the team have reached a new level. Since the overall coordination function of this year's team construction has been centralized in the trade unions, a group of people in the trade unions are striving to improve their standards and dare to strive for excellence, striving to make the team's standardization construction play an important role in the continued healthy development of the company. In early July of this year, the Wuxi Company’s trade union organization conducted mid-year evaluations of the standardization of the main business of the company’s headquarters and 36 pilots of agricultural electricity, which has given people a lot of facts.
——The dispatch center integrates with the actual work such as “assured team, typical safe days, and family services”; logistics sub-centers and substation companies establish a continuous improvement mechanism for the creation of standardized teams and groups through differences, rectification, and evaluation work. Form a team to actively improve the work process;
——The substation company will carry out daily inspections and periodic evaluations of various tasks of the team in conjunction with peers' key research topics, and conduct internal benchmarking using data to communicate the benchmark results on a monthly basis to form a platform for sharing experiences; the transmission center addresses different risks. The nature of the source, the release of different construction "safety warnings", the implementation of safety propaganda to each construction site; distribution center with practical, innovative practices, the establishment of "livework innovation workshop" to encourage the team in the actual work of research and development technology Innovation issues, focus on solving technical problems;
—— The customer service center team deepened the family service method, created an efficient and harmonious high-quality service system, launched a team-managed mobile red flag contest, and the demand side management center provided peer-to-peer services to high-risk important customers, customers with promising market prospects, and municipal key projects; The measurement center launched a responsibility pilot program in the optimization of business work procedures, established a mechanism for handling customer fault objection meter linkage, and the electricity tariff center conscientiously carried out mass economic and technological innovation activities of the team, and vigorously supported the team group innovation project “Procedures for the Control of Negative Control Purchases and Purchases”. Improve work and increase efficiency.
The team construction of Jiangyin and Yixing is based on the implementation of related requirements of State Grid Corporation of China and provincial companies. It also formulates detailed promotion plans and work plans, establishes a system of leadership, full-time, and team-based teamwork, identifies relevant responsibilities, and implements specific Measures to guide the work of the team.
A fundamental change in management model is happening due to the two-way role of promoters and practitioners.
In May this year, the Wuxi company launched the "standardization team work labor competition." All units of the company take the labor competition as an opportunity to strive for the company's "advanced unit" as the goal, and further increase the team security, human resources, quality service, basic and innovative, ideological and cultural, democratic management, professional management in seven areas of strength . Who can get the "top spot" in this competition, it is difficult to make a conclusion now, but the leading role of the role model has emerged.
On August 12th, the team-building and innovation promotion meeting at the team building, an exchange report of the substation maintenance center and on-site observation of the three teams on the spot made the participants greatly affected.
There are 12 teams under the substation, covering eight specialties and involving over 175 substations. The construction of the team can be described as “multiple points, wide areas, and long lines”. In the construction process, the center has always been relying on standardized construction as the starting point, effectively combining the team building with the actual work, and focusing on the word “real”. In response to the "seven aspects" of the team building, they carried out regular evaluations of the specific work groups for each work in the "opening of class affairs" column, and guided the team to effectively combine the standard construction with the actual work, aiming at all types of maintenance operations. The team established 87 on-site job coaching cards, including 31 transformer maintenance specialists, 31 electrical testing specialists, 9 relay protection specialists, 9 communications specialists, and 7 automation specialists. The second team developed standardized electronic security measures 2400 Multiple copies, to ensure that every job, every link has standards. In the face of the continuous promotion of centralized maintenance work, they revised the "Standards for the Implementation of the Work in Place" to further implement the management responsibilities of the first person responsible for the equipment. In the second class of the insurance protection class of the center, the activity was created in conjunction with the “no violation team and undisclosed individual”, not only clean and orderly workplaces, but also implemented the “three strict management” management to each work details, “work completed, material exhausted, Clearing of the venue has become a habit of the members of the team. The maintenance workers can learn from the class and drill in the training room can be seen everywhere. The center's secondary system maintenance combines the key tasks of the class with the training method of the weekly topic; the maintenance class two takes the “pressive” training method in which the classmates take turns doing lecturers, and the maintenance class makes full use of the training room and develops the “master "Training belts, young workers play the leading role" training method, so that the team training became a strong foundation for standardization.
Although the live class of Wuxi’s Distribution and Transportation Inspection Center was only a speech at the promotion meeting of the day, their ordinary description of ordinary affairs has an extraordinary appeal.
The electrified class has 9 employees and an average age of 36.5 years. It is the first-line production team that guarantees safe operation of the distribution network in Wuxi. Qin Xiao, the squad leader, said, "With the squad leader as the core, how the squadron's staff members play a role is the key to reflecting the team's cohesiveness and combat effectiveness." Under the leadership of the excellent party squad leader, they adopted democratic elections. Re-employed the new team members of the team, and several university student staff entrusted them with important tasks. Due to the special requirements of live operation, they have practically ensured the smooth and orderly construction of the company's on-site construction work in five steps: on-site investigations are to be conducted in place and the risks are identified; insulated work tools must be well-equipped and well-prepared; open trade unions must have a clear division of labor and measures Specific; on-site operations to operate norms, and careful operation; receipt of trade unions and security activities to make detailed comments, and strive to improve. While ensuring the safety of people and equipment during electrified operation, the service life of extended safety equipment, such as insulation blankets and insulating gloves, has increased from the previous utilization rate of about 200 times to the current 250 times. At the launching of the grass-roots, team-level, and safety-management best practices held by a recent company, the results of the “Strict Requirements, Legal Behavior, and Strengthening of Live Working Process Management” issued by the electrified class were awarded the first prize in the company's team safety management practice. It is an ordinary team that shoulders special missions but it is creating uncommon performance. In the first half of this year, they carried 1,077/1,359 live jobs, an increase of 58.5% over the same period of the previous year; actual reduction in power outage time was 2,874 hours, 34,356 households were cut back from power outages; and more than 35,647,700 were supplied.
A fundamental change in the management model is sailing.
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